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Who Would Win

Graphite. Because carbon nanotubes.

Fantasy vs Dream

Cable. Why? Because I hate change.

(And on the subject of "best Bruce", the title obviously belongs to The Daring Dragoon from the old TV show Jack of All Trades.)

Justin Heartley's Oliver Queen vs Stephan Amell's Oliver Queen.

I disapprove of your selection methods XD . (Although, then again, I would
have gone with Justin Hartley, just because the man is gorgeous, so who
am I to judge.) In my opinion, a hand to hand fight, Amell's Oli would prolly
win, but in an archery competition -- the only proper kind of competition,
given the characters -- Hartley's GA would wipe the floor with Amell's.

9gag, I guess. As I recall the navigation system is easier. Although I can't
say that I have spent longer than fifteen minutes on either site. I mostly
just go when I am linked XD .

Dick Grayson or Tim Drake (Hand to hand or bo staff vs eskrima sticks.)

Dick Grayson. For no reason, really, other than I recognize the name.

7chan vs. 4chan.

4 chan because b is bigger

British Knight vs. English Knight?

English knight, that way it includes all the American knights too.

Voxeo Prophecy or Asterisk?

Asterisk, because it pretty much can stand for anything.

I'm tired of one-on-one.

Air vs. Earth vs. Fire vs. Water

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