The Marvelous Adventures of Lord Theodore Blackwood

The Marvelous Adventures of Lord Theodore Blackwood

Mad Malik gathers you around. He takes off his hat and with a great deal of effort pulls a very large map out of it.
"Dis 'ere is a map av de isla ngel de la guarda, an islan' in de gulf av california. dis islan' is wha scp - 1867 is currently bein' 'eld. de islan' is supposed ter be uninhabited but between yous an' me that's lashings av tripe. There'll be an brutal lot av guards on dis wee islan', but oi doubt they'll be expectin' somethin' loike us. our objective 'ill be dis"
He points at a small shack in the middle of the island.
"De actual 'oldin' facility 'ill be undergroun'. nigh mind, there'll be things in dare other than scp -1867, oi don't suggest yer touch dem. or go near dem for dat matter"

"'tis technically governmental, but 'tis not de sort av tin' they'll ever admit ter 'avin'. ever."

"Oh great a good 'Ol Fashioned Nightmare. Nothing like government conspiracy and probably decently trained soldiers to get the blood rushing. Element of surprise it is then." He is visibly loathing his choice at the moment. but he is too arrogant to stop it now.

"Suicide, unless we play it right" Guns said coolly "We'll have to play it by ear unless we can get some intell"

He pauses...

"How are we getting there?" Guns says.

"Ah ready ter go den, aye? well gather roun', gather roun', an' oi 'ill teach yer why scon are de royal magician"

The mention of a magician makes Guns shake his head.

Ralph looks a bit confused at people starting to gather but moves in to get near to this "magician" as well, in doing so he taps his side, now realizing the new weight of a knife and touches his torso recognizing his armor. I hope Guns didn't steal from the king...

Hans, smiling like an idiot, steps into the circle forming around Malik.

Once everyone is around him Mad Malik raises his hands high over his head and begins to chant some ethereal, otherworldly sounding words. "F mr ra t essum sta" There is a sudden flash of blue and you find yourself standing on a beach. The weather is pleasant and the sound of the water lapping against the shoreline is soothing.

"Shit" Ralph exclaims in spite of himself. What did I get myself into...

Ralph begins looking around for any other sign of life besides the small group of hobos.


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