The Marvelous Adventures of Lord Theodore Blackwood

The door pulls open easily. Inside is what appears to be a monitoring station, with a set of stairs near the fall wall leading down. There are four monitors on each of the other three walls, 12 monitors in all. Of these 5 are still operating. The others just show static. By the east wall is a downed man, presumably the one who is supposed to be watching the screens. He does not appear to be moving, just lying on the floor. The screens behind him are all down, one has several bullet holes in it. Over the screens, painted in some red substance, are the words "Are we cool yet?".

Hans, upon seeing the body, becomes more serious and sobered (a generous person could almost say he was acting "normal"). Hans looks at the still functioning screens, looking for any signs of movement or activity.

Ralph backs up into the shed after everyone else and closes the door behind him. As he looks around he sees the situation and is appalled (luckily it does not remind him of the war). "I'm a bit creeped out here"

The five working screens each show a different room. The first shows What is definitely not a shark, the second shows Probably the funniest guy you have ever seen, the third A sea slug, the fourth A man made of bugs, and the fifth Bigfoot.

Hoyt takes a look up from his papers and sits down at a terminal trying to see what information he can pull up 1st for Bigfoot and 2nd the (input correct SCP code here).

"Is that... Bigfoot?" Ralph says tilting his head... He was a bit creeped out by the entire situation... but at least he got to see proof of what no one else had clearly seen... Then again... if he told anyone, people would think he was even crazier than he actually was.

They all appear to be in containment. The guy laying in the pool of his own blood never got to log out of his computer terminal, so you are able to find the the files for the five SCPs fairly quickly. The facility seems to be fairly small and is only currently holding a dozen SCPs. You do not have the level 3 access needed to see the second half of the bigfoot data though.

I try to hack the computer. (6 successes) I put the SCP numbers together and figure out the sea-slug is our target, I also look to see how dangerous they are, both the one on and off screen and read their notes.

The other items currently in containment at this site are: A living Thing, An elderly monk, A constantly dying girl, A poor defenseless anteater, Mr. Deeds, The Tickle Monster, and A cute little girl that will kill you terribly. That last one appears to be on the bottom floor in a large containment area.


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