The Marvelous Adventures of Lord Theodore Blackwood

Hans looks over Hoyt's shoulder, and turns to Malik with a questioning look.

"Are-a wee only here for the one SCP, or are wee looking at the other ones too?"

Hoyt makes a sketch of the map on his papers. He makes a beeline for the weapons room and sees what's there. He goes towards it very suspiciously and slinks through trying to stay hidden.

"We're only 'ere for lord blackwood." Says Mad Malik as Hoyt rushes downstairs.

Hans nods. He understands the importance of the mission... But the words "Tickle" and "monster" together is just slightly too tempting. Still, he would stay with the group until necessary. He nods to Malik, waiting for his direction.

What if I brought my kid the tickle monster...?

Ralph follows Hoyt downstairs after taking mental note where the slug and the tickle monster are.

As you enter into a long hallway downstairs you see the aftermath of a battle. Casualties from both sides are present, though they seem to be much heavier on the Are We Cool Yet side. It is apparent which side is which as the Foundation people are well dressed and heavily equipped while the others appear to be students at the local Art Institute. The sound of gunfire is briefly heard from somewhere far away.

Guns instantly looks in the direction of the sound of gunfire... (5 successes on a 'tracking' roll 4 on a 'perception' roll) trying to determine exactly how far away it is based on the acoustics.

He then examines a few of the bodies and mutters "Won't be needing these any more" as he begins to loot the bodies of the well-equipped Foundation.

You find not ridiculous body armor and a rather large gun. The gunfire is coming from 1520's containment chamber. You aren't sure how you managed to pinpoint it like that, you just assume you're awesome.


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