The Marvelous Adventures of Lord Theodore Blackwood


Guns makes a shrill whistle to get Hoyt's attention and tells the people behind him and Hoyt to not approach 1520, unless absolutely necessary.

He then takes both and shoves them into his gym bag, planning to play with them later.

As you continue down the hallway it empties into what is quite obviously the kitchen. Or at least was the kitchen. There are a couple of signs that say kitchen on the walls and a soda fountain anyways. The main portion of the battle appears to have taken place in this room. Tables are flipped over in a defensive position and there are several dead bodies around the room. That is not the most interesting part of the room, however. There are 15 people in the room who appear to be made of solid quartz. There seems to be a pattern in their arrangement, the central figure is a member of Are We Cool Yet? (based on appearance) and is holding a duffle bag over his head. On his frozen face is a look of pure ecstasy. On the side farthest from you the 9 statues seem to be of Foundation personnel. They all seem terrified.

Cool Guns thinks to himself as he makes his way over to the guy holding the duffel bag

The bag is not made out of quartz. Inside is full of paper. Roll a Perception + Alertness everybody

Anyone who got two or more successes notices that all of the crystal statues have papers like the ones in the duffel bag somewhere on their body.

Guns stays the hell away from the paper in the duffel bag

Hans looks curiously at the duffel bag and pokes it, but refrains from touching the papers. He's crazy, but not stupid. ... Probably. He then begins to look around the bodies, searching for anything of use that might have avoided stoneification.

The papers seem to have something written on them. Not all appear to have the same thing, but all are about three to four lines long in size 12 font. The font style seems to be comic sans.


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