And she should know that assaulting a random person in what is essentially the wild west will have repercussions; if she's lucky, they won't be deadly.

Everyone there is free to stand around talking as much as they like. They don't owe your character anything.

Certainly, but she doesn't think so. Also, that is only my view on the subject. Her view is only 'dice roll says punch'.

Kerim, I enjoy the randomness. It adds a bit of flavour (besides, the choices are ultimately the character`s, too, I should say. Unless the dice actually says "punch" instead of a number. Still, KingGoblin is right about the consequences...

*wistles a bit and swings his arms back and forth*

So... I see group one is progressing well.....

*wistles a little more*

Kinda wish my group was active too....

*sits on a stool, in the corner, with a book*

I guess I'll be over here.... if needed....

I was hoping for some interaction with the NPCs but I suppose I'll have to bring Jacob back over to the rest of group 2. I don't want you guys waiting on me.


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