Chapter 1b: Crashing the party

Chapter 1b: Crashing the party

The Sabre latches onto the now immobile freighter. The comms system was apparently unaffected as the freighters captain again addresses the Sabre, he's previous confidence somewhat lacking. "Ok, Ok . . . you've made your point. I'm sending an escort to bring you to the bridge . . . so we can talk this out."

Something in the way he said escort seemed almost malicious.

The freighters docking doors remain closed, apparently the captain is waiting for a response from the Sabre.

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

Now that the piloting maneuver is completed, Mara doesn't hesitate and stands up. She gives Luka a smile and touches his arm, “I guess you needed my help after all. Surely you are not regretting that I was hired on, are you?”

Leaving the contact brief, she adjusts the fall of her body suit and moves towards the hatchway. She maintains her commlink connection to the console, providing a clear link to the situation with the fighters as well as the open channel to the enemy freighter.

Keying the ship to ship comms, Mara replies, <“Sure we can talk this out. Please have your escort standing by, unarmed and hands where we can see them. Silence your ship's turrets as well, or our fighters will continue to hammer them into submission.”>

Mara hustles out of the cockpit, glancing at Luka moving along beside her. She comments of the commlink channels, “I don't trust them. We should be prepared for a lightfight as soon as the doors open. In fact, we might want to just fire on sight. There will be no peaceful way out of this if they are continuing to fire on our fighters.”

She has her handbag slung over her left shoulder and across her body. It is readily available for her left hand to reach inside. Her right hand is free to draw the pistol on her hip.

Luka Vorr, Human Male Scoundrel

The Sabre: Docking Access Hatch

Luka stood next to the access hatch with Ms. Aragone, waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive. It would take time for Ossek and Katur to climb out of the gunnery bays, and for Lieutenant Ganner to come out of Engineering.

He glanced at Ms. Aragone.

“They seem filled with bravado to the point of fanaticism. If they agree to terms, it might not be until things look a lot worse for them. Let’s see what they say to your transmission.”

He frowned, drawing his slugthrower. It was heavy, with a chunky barrel and thick grip. The noise it made was loud to those unfamiliar with the weapon.

He stared at the freighter’s docking door in front of them, eyes running over its scarred surface.

“In fact…if they’re really crazy, they might throw a grenade or something as soon as they open this hatch. I’m thinking we shouldn’t all be standing right here.”
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Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ The Sabre: Docking Access Hatch ~

Mara looks over at Luka, with a demure expression, as he theorizes about the prospect of the bad guys using a grenade. She replies in a sultry tone, “Do unto others, before they do unto you.”

~Ossek: Sabre Docking Hatch~

"I agree, however if they're offering to take you to the bridge rather than fight your way there at least let them show you the way." Ossek leans against the wall as she arrives, an evident smile upon her face at Mara's attitude.

"The boss is right though, a trap is almost certain, whether they intend to spring it here or on the bridge is the question. I'd suggest standing back and ready just in case. Also, you'll probably want this," Ossek hands over a scrap of flimsi with her comm frequency scribbled on it. "Sorry for the handwriting, Trandoshan's aren't known for their fine motor skills." Ossek grins at her own joke as she waits for the others to arrive.

"You two know what the plan for your team is, yes?"

Lt. Charlene Ganner, Human Scoundrel

~ The Sabre - Docking Access Hatch ~

Charlene walked up through the corridors to the Access Hatch. All her equipment and belongings were in place and ready to be used. She undid her hair and shook her head as she turned the corner of the hallway to join the others, and shook hair auburn hair free. She stopped a few paces away from Mara and collected her hair. Pulling it back, she tied it back into a ponytail with the same piece of black material she had earlier.

Ignoring Luka on purpose, she looked to others as she pulled her pistol out of the holster, "They don't know how many of us there are on board..." Charlie held her blaster in both hands and, stretching her arms as far as they'll go she looked down the barrel and sight, "...I suggest only three or so "greet" them, while the rest of us hide out-of-sight and, if things get ugly..." Charlie bent her right arm, placing the blaster by her head. Placing her left hand over the top of the blaster, she pulled a piece of plating back and, when the plating snapped back into position, the blaster whined into life, "...we pop out of hiding and fill them full of new "ventilation holes"!"

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"If I may offer a Suggestion.. Do not Leave the ship open and unguarded. As we seem to have the only vessel capable of holding cargo with active engines left. " Snipe said plainly as he stepped down into the docking bay quietly. His arm whirred and locked into Tazer position and he punched the air in front of him and extended the Shock probe as he did, the effect of which would be very unpleasant to receive.

He headed into one of the nearest shadows which he blended in with rather well and dimmed his Sensor lights "
Binary: Statement: Stealth and Retrieval protocols Active.. Remaining Storage capacity 2 Kilograms, Storage Container holdings, 2 full rolls of Meshtape. Meshtape designated replacements for dispenser.
Bree woot droo weet. Drwoo bree weedeet."

Katjur wore no armor, and carried little in the way of weaponry. Thankfully, Oln had provided a blaster for the him to use, although his race was always armed, as their claws were razor sharp, the blaster provided an extra bit of security.

"I would ask to be one of those, who greets the party. Whether they are hostile, or lead us into a trap, I believe I stand a better chance of facing hostility of these bandits then anyone else." Eyes flicking from Luka to Ossek, Katjur quietly wondered who was really in charge. Many issued orders and offered suggestions, but from what the Trianii saw there wasn't much in the way of a formal chain of command.

"However, I will not take part of any operation in which we simply fire on sight. At all costs, we should seek to preserve life, not rush headlong into extinguishing it."

Ossek smile broadens. "Seems like you all read my mind. Katjur, Luka, Mara and Oln, that is to say Team A will 'greet' the escort. Team B, Snipe, Lt. Ganner and myself will wait in the wings. Assuming no trouble, after you have left we will proceed to lock down the escape pods and recover the stolen valuables." Ossek turns to the Lieutenant and adds, "Should make a more interesting media story than deactivating a hyperdrive, a now unnecessary course of action."

Ossek then turns to Luka, "Regarding locking the ship down, how thourough is the Sabre's security? At the very least I assume there are codes for startup and alarm systems that can be linked to our comms?"

There was a considerable pause before the freighters Captain responded. His voice is tinged with grudging acceptance as he concedes to Mara's terms.

" You people got a lot of nerve considering you fired on us before trying to negotiate . . . but I'm not unreasonable and you certainly have the upper hand here. We're powering down the turrets and the escort is waiting for you now. And I'll even unlock the Access hatch on this end, so you can determine when they open, all in good faith of course."


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