Chapter 1b: Crashing the party

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Enemy Freighter: Fire Conduit Room ~

Mara doesn't meet Luka's eyes, still unsure about what happened, and looks at the screen. She has a wane smile and replies, "Yes, I am fine... really. Looks like our lone fighter will be as well. I think he should sit tight for now."

She keys her commlink to the tactical frequency to reach Cyrian. Her voice is serious and reflects the regret she feels that they could not help them sooner. <“Fighter One... We are sorry about Fighter Two. We changed the IFF for you and the droid fighters. This freighter should start firing on the them and leave you alone. Let us know what happens, please?”>

As Kat has another outburst of impatient vehemence to get to the bridge, Mara makes no attempt to calm the Trianii this time. "Yes, let us pay this captain a visit." She gestures for Katjur to lead the way.

Not moving forward yet, she keys her commlink again to reach the other group of the boarding party. "Ossek, how are things with you? We shut down the turrets from harming our... fighters." The tone of her voice reveals her regret and sadness, but she is not sure if she should demoralize the other strike team with the bad news. She glances at Luka with a blank expression, except for a slightly arched eyebrow.

~ Ossek ~

Ossek gets the call from Mara as she wanders around, casually scanning the room. She notes the hesitancy on the word 'fighters' but decides it is probably best not the press the issue right now. She holds down the speak button on her ancient comlink and pauses a moment before responding. "We've encountered no reistance so far. According to the Lieutenant we appear to be in the droid command centre. Right now she and Snipe are attempting to bring the ship's droids to our side, failing that we can probably just shut them down. Will you require reinforcements should we succeed?"

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Snipe keeps his Tazer trained on the droid and hands her that Computer spike from before "Here you go.. " he looks over at what Charlie is doing ".. Would you like a bit of help with the routine stuff? That way you can bypass the security faster.."

He swaps over to his scomp link and Flips out his shoulder mounted blaster. He plugs into the scomp link and sees what he can do to try and speed Charlies computing along.

Luka Vorr, Human Male Scoundrel

Enemy Freighter: Fire Conduit Room
There was something fierce and terrible lurking under Katjur’s demeanor, an element of utter savagery that was at odds with Katjur’s earlier insistence on nonviolence. He wondered if the pacifist Katjur was covering for this Katjur, the warhawk, not that Luka could blame him under the circumstances.

“We’re going,” he said to the big Trianii.

He indicated the short hall in that began just past the turbine. A few side passages led off in either direction, then the hall ended in a door that was faintly lit by tiny floodlights, the words TO BRIDGE marked clearly.

He heard Ms. Aragone speaking to Ossek over the commlink. When she said the word fighters instead of fighter, he glanced over at her, catching the stillness of her expression.

Luka gave her a nod, meeting her eyes briefly in silent approval and understanding. Then he retrieved his pistol and waited for the Trianii to step forward.

“Katjur, we know you’re strong. You’re made for this; I can see that. But remember that the captain and his men are waiting for us, and there are only four of us. Don’t rush headlong into the fight until we know the situation.”
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Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Enemy Freighter: Fire Conduit Room ~

Mara gestures for the others to wait a moment, "Just a moment." Something the Trandoshan said causes her pause, clearly she is listening to the report in her ear.

Keying her commlink again she replies to Ossek, letting Luka, Oln, and Katjur get an idea of what's going on based on her end of the conversation, "No resistance for us either. We have the situation in hand, but if you have control of the droids then maybe we can use some of them to start moving to the Bridge to help improve our arguments in the upcoming negotiation."

"Still no word from the freighter's captain, though."

~ Ossek ~

"Understood. I'll let you know if we get the droids working." Ossek clipped her comlink back onto her belt and went back to scanning the room, leaving Charlie and Snipe to work their magic.

Switching her commlink back to the unsecure channel to talk with the freighter once more, Mara says in a firm tone, <"Captain, this is Sabre. I am sure you have heard by now we have gained access to your ship. We can still resolve this with words if would like to live.">]
The Captain had taken his time in responding, doubtless trying to organize a defense against the boarding party. His voice finally crackles to life over the ship's comms, broadcasting to everyone. "Alright you wanna talk, lets talk. I admit you've fared pretty well so far . . .but how long do you think it'll last? You're still outnumbered and as we speak one of your little friends is getting real acquainted with the outside of their fighter, while the other is all set to join em." From his confident tone it would seem that the bridge was not yet aware of the extent to which the group had compromised their systems.

~ Enemy Freighter - The Aft - Droid Control Room ~

If the smirk that appeared on Charlie's face had been any bigger, her face might have just cracked. Pressing the button on her ear-commlink, Charlie began to talk to the other group, "So tell much do you love me? It better be a whole lot..." Charlie audibly chuckled over the commlink, "...I've managed to reprogram the droids so that they're under our command. Using a vid I had taken while boarding The Sabre and using facial recognition software, the droids will obey anyone with any one of our merry little band. Though be warned, those droids not connected to this node, ones with independent processors would not have been reprogrammed."

Charlie stood up and straightened her back, giving a low moan, "...damnit that felt good! Hunching over a console is bad for your back..." She began to pace to and fro infront of the long console, "I would suggest you designate one person who will command the droids. In our group, I think our Field Commander would do..." Charlie nodded to Ossek. "With any luck, these dimwits have no idea of their mechanical friends' sudden change of heart. We can use that to our advantage...lure them into false confidence, then spring the trap. Use the phrase "Sigma-Alpha" for the droids in your general vicinity to begin obeying you. Let's bring this home, boys and girls. Ganner, out"

Charlie released the button on her commlink and went back to her console. Looking to Snipe she answered his earlier request, "Seems like these droids aren't that up-to-date. A preliminary scan of their schematics just show that the most valueable pieces inside them are their internal commlinks (which you have) and their plasteel frames. Should I scan deeper, see if I can find something better?" With a few strokes she she would be ready to activate the droids in the room. Doing so, she logged out of the console and walked to the activated droids, standing before them. Clearing her throat she nodded to Snipe and Ossek and spoke, "You ready?...Sigma-Alpha"

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~ Ossek ~

Ossek watches as Charlie's work came to fruition. The droids respond to her command at which point Ossek takes over. She gestures roughly down the middle of the assembled droids and orders "Those to my left move towards the bridge via the airlock corridor and provide fire support for friendlies. Those to my right support this team. This team," Ossek turns to Snipe and Charlie, "Time to move out." Ossek heads to the door out of the hub they didn't enter by and tests the controls to see if it's locked.

While she does this she pulls out her comlink and contacts Mara, "As the Lieutenant said, plue we've sent some droids your way. Hope this helps." Ossek had already decided to leave the status of their pilots until the mission was over, so Ossek decides to leave the captain's overt declaration that one was dead alone for now as well. It was in many ways irrelevant to their current goals anyway.

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Snipe looks around and claps for Charlie with his metal hands creating a clinking noise "That was a Good show there Miss Ganner.. I was thinking weapons systems, but do not worry to much my pistol and tazer will do just fine. Lets head onward with our new little army shall we?"

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