Chapter 1b: Crashing the party

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ The Sabre: Docking Access Hatch ~

Keying her commlink to talk to the fighters on their channel, Mara says, <“Fighter One and Fighter Two, we demanded they cease firing on you. Please keep us updated on the situation. Thank you.”>

Mara accepts the code from Ossek and passes it along to anyone else that needs it after putting it into her commlink. She draws her pistol, but holds the weapon by the top part instead of the grip, so she is not threatening with it. After shifting her handbag to fall directly in front of her abdomen, she reaches with her right hand to take hold of something inside.

She faces the hatch and comments to the others from over her shoulder, “Near as I can tell, the speaker was telling the truth. But, I am waiting for the fighters to confirm. Before we open the hatch, I am curious if there is a way to tell how many are waiting on the other side and if they are standing ready to fight or simply waiting for us.”

“Considering that Oln likes to do his own negotiating, maybe you and he should trade places on the teams, Ossek. That way we have a person capable of persuading them peacefully in the other group. I think I can handle talking with the Captain once I am in his presence.”

As she waits for the others to get into position, she intentionally makes the freighter Captain await her response until she hears from Cali or Cyrian.

Mara knows her own intuition has proven useful in the past when she was trying to play hide and seek. Taking a deep breath as she turns back to face the hatch and closes her eyes to attempt to sense what might be waiting on the other side. She also considers what the near future might hold, is there immediate danger or not. By all appearances it looks like the poised woman is just getting mentally prepared for the upcoming situation.

~Ossek: Sabre Docking Hatch~

"I have a Republic Press Officer on my team, if talking has to be done I'm sure Lt. Ganner will be up to it. Now, we'll be around the corner, we'll head to our objective shortly after you leave. Leave your comm on so we can hear what's going on." Ossek neglects to bring up the need to keep Oln and Snipe on different teams. With that Ossek wanders off round a corner to where she hopes the others on Team B will join her. Dealing with this bunch was a lot harder than the crews she normally worked for, their insistence on trying not to kill the pirates was starting to wear thin.

Luka Vorr, Human Male Scoundrel

The Sabre: Docking Access Hatch

Luka took a deep breath, in through his nose, out through his mouth. He was out of his element, and he knew it, but he also knew he had to remain calm and reasonable.

“All right, everyone. I don’t think I have to say to expect duplicity, but I’ll say it anyway. Just a few minutes ago they were feigning to not understand why we would fire on them and practically threatening us with their ‘escort.’”

He looked around somberly at the group.

“Everyone stay frosty, and watch each other’s backs. We need to put our differences aside, even if it’s only for this action to start. We only have each other to rely on, and that’s better than what’s out there.”

Luka gestured toward the hatch with his bulky slugthrower.

“Ossek, that’s a good call. I’ll route the Sabre’s security alert to everyone’s commlinks. I don’t think I can route a startup routine with the time we have, but at least this way, everyone will be alerted if someone tries something with the ship.”

He pressed a few buttons on his comm and asked the others for their comm codes so he the Sabre could send a security alert. As he worked, Luka hoped vaguely that his father’s paranoia would pay off this time, and that the Sabre would be too difficult for the pirates to breach before they could get back to her.

“As soon as everyone’s in position, Ms. Aragone, Oln, Katur and I will open the hatch.”
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Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ The Sabre: Docking Access Hatch ~

Mara keys her commlink and replies, <“Understood, Fighter One. Thank you.”> She relays the information to the others, “The turrets ceased firing on the fighters.”

Opening up the comm channel to the freighter's Captain once more she says, “Okay, Captain, we recognize that you have powered down your turrets. Is your escort standing by with the hands empty like we demanded? How many are there? Any deviation from our requests are going to be met with deadly force, no warning shots.”

Without really learning much from her intuition that she could not reason out with logic, the Zeltron woman is ready for the hatch to be opened. Not sure if Oln and Kat are ready, she asks Luka, “If they are not standing there hands empty and not-threatening, do we open fire right away?”

"I should think not. These men and women are just as worried and tense as us. We would take their lives if they should err in our scripted plan? We must act the part of reasonable men if we expect as much from them." Katjur held the blaster in his hands, feeling slightly out of place in doing so. The weapon felt light in his hands, steady.

But he desperately didn't want to use it. On Onderon, he had always demonstrated an almost unerring accuracy and ability with blasters, something his adoptive parents had always encouraged. Sport shooting and target shooting was something different, an entirely separate experience from shooting at someone.

Eyes flicking to the other members of the boarding party, the sense of disquiet and unease was steadily growing in his chest.

"I am ready." Added, almost as if an after thought.

OOCAs requested, a tactical map. You can start anywhere in the grey area (the Sabra's cargo hold). You don't see any enemies yet
Read: Because Dru's the one who would have the final version of that, not me
because the door is closed, so be careful venturing out.

Tactical MAP

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Snipe darts Silently from his shadows and finds another "Out of the way" position farther from the door but still well within sight of it. He Takes his hat and Poncho off putting them inside the chest compartment he has and sits down in his position slumped down like a defective droid. He sends text messages to each of the Communicators that he has been given the codes for "I can key into Text messages without the need to read them on a monitor, For now that would be my preferred form of communication. As Receiving a Voiced Comm signal is louder on your part than text, not to mention sending one."

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Sabre - Docking Access Hatch~

Oln is enjoying watching the "team" as they finally stop the ship and as they start to plan the boarding. The women of the group seem all to ready for blood. Oln approved. He expected as much from Ossek and the lieutenant but Mara was a pleasant surprise. Decisive, pragmatic, if only she had sense to wear armor into a combat situation instead of... well something no proper woman would wear. Still even with her poor taste in fashion Oln wished the other men on board would be half as reasonable as she seemed to be. Why they insisted on boarding a foreign vessel when it still had people living on it instead of just blowing it to hell and picking up the pieces later he had no idea.

Mara brings up having Oln on team B. Oln could have sworn he made it very clear he was going wherever Luka was. Thankfully Ossek saves him from having to repeat himself. The feelings in the room are clear enough even Oln can read them, seems he's the only one not frustrated or tense. Being the man he is he tries to lighten the air.

"Is it to late to stop by the little Mando's room? Yes? Guess I'm ready then." He keeps his blaster in hand but pointed at the ground. He moves to take a place on to the side of the door reclining against the wall until Luka moved forward to lead. Without turning his head he looks at his big friend. "Cat, these people are not the victims. They attacked us, not the other way around. Even if they are a group of escaped starving slaves they threw the first punch. If it looks like they are winding up for another swing we are damn well going to hit them before they connect. Any less would dishonor both parties."
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Luka Vorr, Human Male Scoundrel

The Sabre: Docking Access Hatch

“Oln is right. These people started it. Obviously we’re not going to gun them down if they’re all standing there with their hands in the air, unarmed. But if they open fire the moment we open the door, we fire back. If they don’t comply with our demands…we make them.”

Luka stepped forward to the front of the group, and rested one hand on the hatch lever. The other held his slugthrower.

He glanced at Ms. Aragone.

“Has the captain answered you yet? If he hasn’t, we have to take that as hostile intent.”

Luka was ready to open the hatch as soon as he heard the answer.
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