Chapter 1b: Crashing the party


Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Enemy Freighter: Forward Area ~

Mara gives her companions a smile, "Well, I am starting to get ideas. But, first, some more information is in order. Something we have been lacking up until now, I think you will agree."

Returning her attention to the droid once again, she asks, "Okay, do not take any actions until instructed by me. From our current location, how many different ways can we reach the bridge? Is there an alternate route that would not be observed from sensors, such as a service access tunnel?"

"These Autoturrets, can they be deployed to terminate everyone on the bridge right now? Or are they not under your control?"

"Do you have access to the security feeds from the cameras, such as the one here in Corridor 2A? Can you tell us what is going on in the bridge? Are you in communication with the bridge at this time?"

Luka Vorr, Human Male Scoundrel

Enemy Freighter: Forward Area
Luka nodded in agreement.

They didn’t have much information. They had been running blind for the most part. More like rushing headlong blind, and he and Oln had paid the price on that score.

He helped Oln to sit down again, now that they would be resting here for a while.

Luka listened to the questions Ms. Aragone asked the droids. He was starting to see her line of thinking, which, if they could pull it off, would be quite the coup.

“And exactly how many intruders are on this ship right now, and where are they located?”
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Snipe just holds his hands up showing that he is unarmed as well "Shh!! Do you want to get us all scrapped?!" he says in a hushed tone at the human. He offers a hand to help him out, the hand with the mesh tape dispenser ready to tie him up if needed. "Come on out of there.. We aren't going to harm you if you are quiet and don't attack us.. Why are you hiding in here with a raspy respirator anyway?"

Enemy Freighter: Forward Area
Luka stared at the droid for a moment.

It took his bruised psyche a few moments to process exactly what the droid had just said, and he worked through the slip back to its logical conclusion. A sensation of numbness and helplessness struck him for a moment. Then he felt something rush through him like a red tide.

Luka’s features twisted into a mask of pure rage, his eyes hectically bright in his too-pale face, the cuts and bruises livid. He leaned forward, fists clenched at his sides.

“We’re coming for you!” he bellowed, into the droid’s photoreceptors, back to whoever was on the other end.

He was shaking. Luka tore off words savagely.

“You brought this on yourselves! You did! You attacked our home and our families! You don’t get to terrorize innocent people! You don’t get to sit back and do this with no reprisals! You are going down!”
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Enemy Freighter

Ossek sheathes her sword and walks over to stand behind Snipe. She crosses her arms and leaves the talking to those more qualified.

Ears twitching, Kat listened to Luka and Mara, still standing guard in-case any other surprises unfolded.

At the mention of springing traps, Katjur felt his insides spin. If they had just gone forward as he had originally wanted, without the mucking about and over analyzing , Oln wouldn't be poisoned and Luka wouldn't have almost got himself blowed to bits.

Taking a measure step forward, Kat placed his hand on Luka's shoulder, reigning in the man.

"Soon. Soon." The words were a deadly purr, the Trianii's eyes glinting with a feral menace behind them. His tolerance for this was growing thin, had been since he had first been wounded.

Enemy Freighter

"Your ship?" now Ossek's turn to be incredulous, "Are you saying you're the captain?" If so this was an incredible stroke of luck, they could end this fiasco right here and now.

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