Chapter 1b: Crashing the party

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Enemy Freighter: Outside Bridge ~

While catching her breath after the grazing blaster shot, Mara notices that their droid army is scrap fairly quickly and comments sardonically, "The droids did not last long."

She is morbidly curious what the bodyguard did to Luka. The Zeltron woman cannot help it, even in the thick of a lightfight.

Mara maintains her fire at the bodyguard, getting a better shot in this time.

Enemy Freighter

Ossek halts as the map shows the autoturrets. Ossek heaves a sigh and readies herself, having prepared for this. "Let's hope either the mechanic was right or these turrets are awful shots. Stay out of sight." Ossek takes a second and unsheathes her sword, "If his tip about standing between them was wrong gut him in my memory." Without further thought Ossek set off at full sprint around the corner to the narrow band of corridor ahead between the two droids.

As soon as Ossek moves around the corner, the turrets let loose a blaster fire. Fortunately, her speed proved to be too much for the outdated targeting programs, and she slid to a halt against the closed door to the cargo hold, directly between the two turrets! The turret guns which had been tracking her until this point shifted to face back down the corridor. Ossek was safe . . . for now.


The cargo hold is the big room, but as the door is currently shut I'm not letting you see any of the details

Luka Vorr, Human Male Scoundrel

Enemy Freighter: Outside Bridge
Luka reeled back, struck by something he couldn’t see, a blow that felt like he had run headlong into an invisible wall.

His breath escaped his lungs with a gasp as pain snapped through his body, bringing a fresh wave of weakness and disorientation. For a moment his vision turned black at the edges. He wavered on his feet, face turning paler than it already was.

He registered, vaguely, that Ms. Aragone fired again and dropped the robed figure. He saw the captain scramble off to the side, and the droids around them spark and slag.

Luka forced himself to breathe deeply, clarity returning in an instant. He fired off a potshot at the captain then darted forward, ducking down behind a console without looking to see if his shot hit or not.

“You’re next, Captain!” he shouted. “No one crosses a Vorr and gets away with it!”

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Another vicious wound was scored on the big Kat, flesh scorched and the acrid smell of burnt hair wafting into the air. The pain was intense, almost causing him to double over in pain and vomit the contents of his stomach up.

Kat saw the man who had hit him, a man who had an altogether different look about him. This wasn't just some ordinary minion, fodder for the fire, but a man with battle scars. Raising his rifle, Katjur stepped out from behind his cover, loosing a barrage of bolts at the man.

"Is this what you wanted!?" He bellowed as the shots raced towards their target, anger at the the captain and his men fueling the Trianii above his normal threshold for pain.

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Sabre - Docking Access Hatch~

Oln arrives just in time to see all his allies take some shot or another. Without having to turn his head he sees that Mara and Luka are dealing with the force user so Oln lines up a shot at the rough looking one that fired at Kat.

Oln sets a determined pace forward as he takes his shot. He wears a smirk as he pulls the trigger firing a blast at the thug. He can't join the others in their taunts and threats so he smirks like a man who sees this all as a joke. Not that he could stop himself if he wanted to. To Oln this is what he was raised for.

As Oln takes a knee behind cover he quietly speaks, "Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur."

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Enemy Freighter

Ossek took a moment to catch her breath as she slammed into the cargo bay doors and then a second moment to thank whatever gods might be listening that the technician had told the truth. She grinned and walked up to the nearest turret, it seemed this day there was nothing mightier than the sword. Ossek set about the business of violently voiding the turret's warranty.

Sparks fly as Ossek crudely dismantles one of the turrets. In short order, she had reduced it to s pile of sparking scrap. She had little chance to enjoy her victory as she heard the other turret rotating. In that instant she recalled exactly what Farhvin had said: the turrets were programmed not to fire at anything between them! An order now rendered void by the violent removal of one of the pair.

The turret unleashes a hail of blaster fire on Ossek, fortunately for her, it was mostly designed to coordinate fire with the other turret and only managed to inflict
2 points of damage
superficial wonds

Now its combat as normal so attack away!

The fight was getting more intense as burning metal and ozone choked the air. The Captain, hunkered down behind cover, fired off a few more shots at Mara. They missed, slamming themselves against the door frame in a shower of sparks alot closer to her head then she was comfortable with.

The force user
Because he acts before you
continued forward, arching both arms up like he was lifting something heavy. As he did, the area Oln and Luka occupied combusted into unholy purplish fire born of the darkside,
Both take 19 damage.
engulfing the two heroes..

The mistake of the force using heretic was standing still as he channeled the darkside - allowing Mara to score a painful revenge shot right between the eyes. The man collapsed, dead, onto the floor without so much as a whimper.

The Lieutenant was locking gazes with Katjur, the two exchanging lethal bursts of fire. When suddenly, Katjur saw the man hurl a small round object at him - A grenade! The stun device
6 dmg, stun fails to beat Dmg Thres
exploded, but the swift feline had enough time to mentally prepare for it's effects. With a quicker recovery then his foe expected, Katjur found the Lieutenant was out of his cover and charging in the open. One well aimed shot brought the man down. The feline soldier feels a
Crit, -14 dmg
painful burn as one of the blasterbolts from a Tech finds him before he hunkered back down behind his cover in safety.

Round 2 Map Update
SummeryLuka -19 (-4hp - permanently out of the fight.)
Katjur -20 (10hp left)
Oln -19 (-9hp - spending a force point to stay alive)
Mara - unharmed

@Belul - I'm forcing Oln to spend a force point to not die. Make a DC10 Con check, if you pass, you can act (i.e. spend a second wind). Failure means you have to wait for the next round to try again. Also: CONGRATS on being deathly hazed like the rest of the group!

@Voin - Sorry voin, looks like Luka is out for the rest of the fight. He's not dead, nor does he have to be mortally injured either (that angle was already played with the explosive, no need to over due it), but whatever the reason - Luka is not capable of contributing to the fight. Maybe he's unconscious, too busy trying to put out the fire, developed a severe case of combat paralysis or a paralyzing fear of dying, etc. Most of those are things were your still posting Luka's actions so your not twiddling your thumbs, but there is nothing Luka can contribute to the rest of the fight and there is no way his allies can bring him back to a "useful state" until the fight is over.

~ Enemy Freighter - The Aft - Just outside the Cargo Bay~

Peeking round the corner, with her blaster raised, Charlie watched as Ossek charged into the space between the two turrets and mangled one into nothing more than scrap. But once the other turret targeted their ally, Charlie looked to the others, "Time to lend a hand guys!"

Charlie edges ever so slightly round the corner and levels her blaster at the turret and, gently squeezing the trigger, she lets forth a bolt of orange energy. The shot connects, sending sparks flying.

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