Chapter 1b: Crashing the party

Enemy Freighter

Ossek growls as the turret scorches her shoulder. She turns just in time to see Charlie sent a bolt from her blaster straight into it. "Excellent work Lieutenant!" she shouts down the corridor, before striding over to the offending turret and swinging her sword down in a brutal arc.

Raising his rifle, Katjur looked down the sights and let out a single burst of fire. One part of him wanted to go on autofire and light up the two men who hunkered down, but knew he couldn't reliably hit them. They needed to go down, and with Luka out and Oln dazed, he couldn't take the risk.

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Sabre - Docking Access Hatch~

Oln only sees the violet flame as it engulfs Luka. Then it is on him. Oln used the force and understood it in his own way but he lacks actual combat experience with a trained force user. The room snaps to black so quickly he doesn't even have enough time for a witty one liner.

Light finally comes back to Oln and he blinks a few times still not quite there. As he starts to regain his senses he looks over at Luka beside him. He can't tell if his Vod is alive or not.

Character Sheet

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Enemy Freighter: Outside Bridge ~

Mara looks on as only the large Trianii and herself are still fighting. In a handful of heartbeats this lightfight is practically over, looking very grim. The Bridge crew removed their droid reinforcements in the first salvo and now Luka and Oln got themselves killed by standing up out in the open in the next exchange.

While she was able to take out the really dangerous bodyguard, they are still way outnumbered and one more casualty leaves her fighting alone. The Zeltron woman is not a fighter, more of a lover. How did I get myself into this? After that vision, there were some misgivings that this was all a misunderstanding, but the situation is way past the stage of negotiating now.

Still hunkered down with the doorjamb protecting her she aims at one of the thugs and squeezes another shot off, missing badly.

Mara calls out, "It is not too late to surrender, Captain. Your ship is going no where and we have reinforcements."

GM edit:
Dice Roll: 1d20+13z
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 31)
persuasion to surrender (31)

The second toward erupts into a smoking heap, as Charlie's blaster connect and Ossek's blade slices clean through whats left for good measure. Other than the occasional sparks flying off the two destroyed turrets, the corridor is once again quiet. The only thing now separating them from the cargo hold was the door, which was securely closed. On the right wall there is a control panel.

The droids following the group had broken from cover when Ossek was hit, but lowered their blaster now that the danger had passed.

The captain seem to hesitate at Mara's inquiry. "Surrender?! What makes you think I would go do something like that? I ain't scared of you! are you asking for use to surrender? Thought you worked for the Vorr." He asked confused, not exactly convinced at his own earlier words. However, he didn't shoot at Mara - or anyone - this time. He had also stood up while talking, and if they wanted to shoot the man they had a much clearer shot then before.

The technicians stopped exchanging fire too, caught offguard at this new development. The man across from them still aimed his blaster pistol at Mara, expecting a double cross. The other two had their blasters trained on Katjur. They were ready to send well aimed blaster bolts at their enemies at a moment's notice.

Map Update

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Enemy Freighter: Outside Bridge ~

Mara holds her fire, but still keeps her pistol trained on the Captain as she sees a possibility of resolving things without further bloodshed. Wryly she realizes that probably would not have been possible with Luka still alive, yet... The man had mentioned telling his father to go to hell.

Still she moves forward, standing up moving to Luka's side and crouching back down again.

Suspecting that this Captain is potentially not the enemy they all were assuming him to be, she calls back, "Technically we were sent here by Vorr, yes. But, I am not a unthinking droid. There is more going here."

"If you wish to live to return to report to your masters, or if you wish to run to the other end of the Galaxy instead, then surrender will be the only way. Where you go later on is not my concern."

"But, our other team is ensuring your engines will not be repaired and then they will reinforce me here. I really don't want to see you all killed."

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Sabre - Docking Access Hatch~

Regaining enough of his senses to tell Mara is trying to make a play Oln keeps his head down. For second he considers showing their force user hadn't managed to kill him, might give Mara an edge. He decides against it though it might just make things worse, and Oln had things to do while still down here.

Keeping his head down he crawls his way over to Luka. He doesn't bother trying to signal either of the two still on their feet since them taking a sideways glance could give away that something was happening behind the cover. Last thing they needed was for the captain to think they were trying anything tricky. Mara likely got a glance of him stirring at least as she starts walking in the direction anyway.

Once Oln is beside his brother-in-law he does his best to check for life signs. Since the Mando if covered in a flight suit from neck down this meant holding his forehead to try and feel breath. Oln knew Luka was still producing force so luka wasn't dead. Not dead though means actively dying was still a possibility. Oln had seen enough deaths to know it was rarely a on-off switch.

Character Sheet

"Well...You clearly haven't been serving that crimelord long, Sweetheart, or you'd know surrender ain't an option - but a deal is. We give back what we stole, give you the answers you want, maybe some dirt on your bosses and other 'compensations'- and" the captain looked down at a monitor on the bidge to double check something "You stop your team from disabling the engines and let us all fly out of here. Unharmed and intact. Never to return of course."

"Best you're gonna get with your sense of ethics intact, girl. You can't promise our safety - not with Marko. And we'd rather die fighting then at the hands of him."

"Guess the question is: How bloody do you want this to end?"

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What had snipe been doing?!? He just realized as he watched his friends take that turret system alone, that he had stood there almost deactivated and dead. ".. I.. I am so sorry, I do not have any explanation for why I didn't fire." is looking around to see if he had moved at all and he hadn't. It was as if he was suddenly surrounded by a million math problems and his processors had to figure them out or someone somewhere would have failed a test. He shakes his head as he has seen many a flesh sentient do to clear it. " I'll be fine.. Lets go ahead."

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