Chapter 1b: Crashing the party

The once red console flashes green, and an audible thud is heard as the locking mechanism moved out of place. A moment later, the door opened revealing a large room filled with various containers and a very agitated Twi'lek.

His eyes widen as he sees Ossek. "Ossek! Well isn't this a surprise, though I should have known the way your little group cut through our crew." His eyes wander over Charlie and Snipe and chuckled. "Have to admit though, your new crew seems a little softer than your usual company . . . unless your still freelance and these two are a bonus from your last job?"

Cargo Hold

Ossek grins when she spots the Twi'Lek. "Property Adon? No, I've never had much use for that sort of thing, property gets underfoot and I'd have sold them on by now. These are indeed my crew and yes they are a bit softer than the usual sort," Ossek shrugs "But I didn't have any seasoned pirates or mercenaries available". Ossek chuckles but doesn't let her guard down just yet, keeping her sword hanging loosely in her hand.

"I'm assuming you're flexible as to employment as of now. If so I believe I might be able to point you in the direction of some goods reclamation work at a nearby space station. Interested?" Ossek grinned toothily, if Adon was the same scumbag she fondly remembered she wouldn't have to brutally murder him which would be nice.

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Sabre - Docking Access Hatch~

Oln finds himself increasingly impressed by Mara's showing during the mission. Quick and steady under fire, she managed to patch Luka up after the explosion, and now managing to talk a pirate out of his ship. And she's willing to share her toys, Oln thinks at the weight of the stun grenade in his hand. Shame he wouldn't get to use it apparently.

Oln returns his focus to Luka. His brother-in-law seemed to be stable. To try and make sure he stayed as such Oln reaches deep. He touches the force as he'd done in the past to give himself first aid.

Character Sheet

Katjur gave the robed figure another shot to the head, snarling lightly. It had been evident to all that the being had possessed some connections to the force, and has used that power to strike down Luka and almost do the same to Oln.

Pressing his clawed digits to his chest, Katjur felt the burnt skin that was hot to the touch, multiple blaster shots leaving him feeling very light headed. Focusing his gaze and steeling his resolve, he steadied himself long enough to overhear the last bits of conversation between the Captain and Mara.

He didn't like it. Every part of him wanted to tear the captain limb from limb, justice for the harm he had caused. Animal instinct threatened to overrule reason in this instance, his senses muddled form an exhausting and painful day. But he bit his tongue and staved off the anger burning in his belly.

Snarling, Katjur came up behind Mara, tailing swishing impatiently as he did so.

"What information are we brokering?" The big cat asked, leaning in close and whispering too the woman, his massive frame making him bend low to do so. "Give the word, and I can play mean kitty." He quickly added, knowing that his social skills left something to be desired, he had to trust the pretty woman to handle it.

Adon siimply laughed at Ossek's proposal. "Ha, you always knew how to sweet talk me, but my current employer would probably set a bounty on my head for double crossing him." He shifted his blaster and his stance. "But fortunately, it seems that I'm to allow you access to everything we've taken from your little station, meaning we no longer have a problem." He smiled as he stepped aside, waiving the group in. "Its all yours."

Though the hold was large, Adon directed them to a large group of containers toward the middle. "You'll find your stuff in those."

Cargo Hold

Ossek smiled and clapped Adon on the shoulder, "Setting bounties on the simple mercs? Your employer has some bad attitude problems there Adon. You got any sleds around here we can move those crates on or do you fancy helping us with some heavy lifting?"

The captain casually handed over the thermal detonator with no regard for how reckless he passed it. It was lighter then it looked....Mara winced as she figured it out. It wasn't a real detonator.

"I appreciate letting me keep it." The captain said, snapping Mara back out of her realization over the fake explosive. He was patting the sidearm he had recently holstered.

"As for the information." The captain started. "I think we better wait until we have more privacy. It's not for common ears ma'am."

"But I will say we were looking for another peice of the key. Boss didn't tell me what it's a key to - but I suspect it's some kind of sith weapon. We stopped here because there was a sith who brought a peice of it here. It's a crystal or something."

"Thing is though, we didn't find it on your station. That Sith, whoever they are, still has it for all I know. We've already picked up one shard - that's in the cargo bay - worth a fortune to the Sith and Jedi even if it wasn't a key to something important."

Oln's result: it is unclear. The reason it's unclear is because Luka needs to finish his own side plot before rejoining the party. It shouldn't take too long but you never know. Regardless, the character will be considered to have receive all the needed care by the time he comes back in so you can provide medical care if you want to RP it. It's in your hands if he needs it or if it's entirely taken care of on the DR.

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Enemy Freighter: On the Bridge ~

Mara puts the fake detonator into her clutch purse, she has some skill in deception and it might save her derriere just like the Captain has done.

She keys her comlink again, <"Ossek, did you hear my last call? I need an update on your situation.">

With Katjur joining her, she doesn't reply aloud only giving him a look with a raised eyebrow, letting the Captain's words explain better than she can. So far things are peaceful and she is trying to absorb as much as possible about what is going on. Clearly the situation is not a simple as they thought.

"Captain... What is your name? I am Miss Aragone."

"The big guy here is with me, so who's common ears are we not letting listen? Your men can all move over there in the corner and have a seat where they will not overhear or other things."

She isn't sure if Oln should listen or not, at this point. His obvious connection to Marko, might be a hindrance.

"If you did not find this... item, what did you take then?"

Cargo Hold

<Cargo is secure Ms. Aragone, crew is co-operating. Preparing to transport recovered goods.>

"Sleds? Sure there right over there." He points to a near wall where 3 power sleds are sitting, probably the same ones they used to load them in the first place. Adon laughs as he continues. "Usually I'd charge a rental fee, but seeing as I still owe you for that save on that Republic cruiser, I suppose I'll just call it even." He gives Ossek a small wink. He thinks for a moment before continuing. "Not to steal your tricks, but how did you get here so quickly? It's a pretty big ship and only one way to reach the cargo hold . . . just for security reasons," he adds, smiling.


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