Chapter 1b: Crashing the party

~ The Sabre - Docking Access Hatch ~

As the action would start, Charlie would dash behind her comrades, "I hate to disagree with you Mara, but don't all bunch up at the doors, you're bottle-necking!" She didn't want to over-step her boundaries, but her Republic
Knowledge (Tactics) check:
Dice Roll: 1d20+9
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 10)
training kicked in. She pointed ahead into the bandits' freighter, "We make easy targets here! Advance and scatter!"


Ossek drew her sword and slowly moved forward, ready to charge out the door if called for. "Bring those droids down quickly. Keep in cover as best you can."

The room erupts into a pitched battle, the air filled with blast fire. ""Move in!", the thug on top of the platform to right shouts, and the lower ranking men on the perimeter move in, firing at Oln and Katjur. The bolt meant for Oln misses horribly, but Katjur is so concerned with the Mandolarians safety, that he neglects his own, taking the
7 damage.
shot in the shoulderThe thug who shouted the order, follows up with a wide spray from his own rifle, but the shoddy thing misses completely.

The crew of the Saber are quick to respond, but Mara gets a bad toss on her grenade and it fails to harm her intended target. Oln and Katjur fair much better and despite the the Large droids superior armor, they manage to turn it into
a pile of junk Luka is just a half second slow, as his shot intended for the large droid zooms through now empty space, but by either extreme luck or the will of the force the bolt slams into the head of the droid positioned behind it, taking it
down and out.

The remaing droids revert to their primary programming and attempt to impede Oln and Katjur with a spray of covering fire. This time Oln is the one caught unaware and is forced to
-2 on next attack roll
keep his head down to avoid the shots


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Snipe Ducks and twirls around Katjurr rushing out into the Enemy ship towards a seemingly randomized direction. He points his arm at the nearest droid and stops for a split second trying to get a better shot out but the hectic surroundings screw over his aim a bit. "Frag!" he shouts in his metallic voice before dropping flat prone on the floor to give himself some sort of cover at least for now till he can get better antiquated with that nearby storage container.

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ The Sabre: Docking Access Hatch ~

Mara doesn't bother replying to the journalist, the woman appears to think that pulling back to make the droids and thugs come at them through the bottle-neck means staying put and remain bunched up in the doorway. As far as the Zeltron woman is concerned, the Republic Officer can lead the charge all she wants.

After hearing the chatter on the ship to ship comms, she whispers into the commlink, “Luka, our fighters have new company and are moving to intercept.”

Remaining behind cover of the doorjamb, Mara kneels to make herself smaller. Sitting on her right ankle and resting her left elbow on her left knee for a more stable firing platform. She takes aim on the left droid and squeezes the trigger. The shot misses by a parsec.


Seeing Snipe move out into the corridor Ossek takes a deep breath and takes a firm grip on her sword. It was time. She darted out in front of the squad. She quickly scans the battlefield and with a roar sprints forward, swinging her sword at the droid in front of her.

Spilling out of the confined hallway, Katjur fell in behind the Trandoshan, spinning on his heels and leveling a shot towards the droid that stood menacingly behind them. He could see a few living targets lurking in the shadows, men who no doubt meant them harm. Yet, he couldn't quite bring himself to fire on them, the faint hope lingering that if they dropped the droids with enough speed and force, they might be deterred from prolonging this foolish conflict.

Luka Vorr, Human Male Scoundrel

The Sabre: Docking Access Hatch
“Understood,” Luka told Mara over the comm.

He was sure that Calli and Stang would do the only thing they could do in the immediate situation: fight back. If the situation changed, he was sure Ms. Aragone would let him know.

The battle unfolded in front of him, as shots flashed and flesh and circuitry sizzled with impacts. Droids stomped along the decking. Above on the gantries, figures shifted and fired.

The crack of his slugthrower still echoed in his ears.

Remaining in the doorway, he aimed his pistol toward the droid to his right. Then he pulled the trigger, the slugthrower bucking in his hands with recoil.

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~ Sabre - Docking Access Hatch~

Oln just manages to duck under the line of fire above his head. Not sure how he'd explain it if he took one to the brain pan. "Come on you pieces of scrap. I know its not much, but its the only bucket I have."

Even while ducking under the line of fire Oln pushes forward and fires on a particularly dim looking pirate crouching behind a... barrel. Blasing the droids to their base components was fine but eventually they would have to shoot at people, Oln figures he may as well get them started.

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