Rules for Character Creation

Rules for Character Creation

1. Any sufficiently awesome concept is welcome, from random street urchin to powerful businessman. Go as wild as you wish.

2. All characters must possess the power to perceive the restless dead, and character backstory must include a sufficiently plausible story as to how this power came about. Note that I said 'perceive'; this may range at player discretion, but cannot exceed perception. Physical interaction with spirits is a whole different power that will consume one of your slots. In short, your character can (see/hear/smell/feel/taste) spirits in any combination the player wishes, and the power also confers upon the character the capability to speak to spirits. However, spirits remain intangible to the character unless the player takes a power specifically to interact with them. (Yes, this means you can play a character who can smell the dead and talk to them and be incapable of seeing or hearing anything the ghost says.)

3. All characters have three slots for supernatural abilities, in addition to the death senses as listed in the previous item. These abilities may be as broad or as narrow as the player wishes, so long as they are reasonably supernatural; this includes mundane abilities taken to beyond human capability. The Storyteller, however, is the final arbiter of how powerful these abilities can be. Be advised right now that overly game-breaking abilities will be refused on sight. Powerful abilities with limitations of use may be considered if the limitation is reasonably limiting. Please exercise common sense, and do be advised: A character with an overpowered ability who cannot use it against red-haired women will find that all his opponents are red-haired women.
Again, please include a sufficiently plausible story as to how your character came to wield their power. Or stories and powers, as the case may be.
Just so's we're clear: Resurrection and insta-killing something else is right out, along with large-scale destruction. High-powered abilities will be scrutinised closely.

4. As regards backstories, a guideline more than a rule. Give the Storyteller something to work with. Bland backstories will be passed over in favor of a backstory the Storyteller can extract some measure of story out of. So, don't just give me the whats; give me the hows and the whys. We are, ultimately, here to tell a story, and I want to tell it in such a way that your characters have reason to go on.

Further questions regarding character creation may be posted in this thread.

This looks very, very interesting. When you say powers, what sort of feel are you going for? Will this be handled more like superheroes or are you intending for a pulp horror? American comic books (Justice League, X-Men), Japanese manga (Dragon Ball Z, YuYu Hakusho), or something else altogether?

As with all things in this game, however fits your story best. Just, again, with the caveat of not being too overpowered. If by some reason you wish to play someone whose very voice can give voice to unrelenting force, fire and ice, and slow time itself, and is powered by killing powerful undead...well, go right ahead.

Just remember - the death-senses are in a different slot than your other three power slots.

Allison Gard's thread from last time round has been resurrected, as a particularly exemplary example of a character for this game.

Note: It is not required that you completely copy Silverkiss' work, but players are advised to emulate the application.

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