OOC: Lights, Camera, Action?

Thanks, I know I prefer to keep things private. But I guess in a way it was good to know that there WAS something going on behind the scenes, I just hadn't looked at it that way at first. So now I'm of a mixed mind... Guess we can just see how things go when we come to it

Was the western door the one leading to the area we had previously explored?

- Logain

Okay, I don't know if there was 'more' to explore down that path, but I'd prefer to double-check and make sure that area is clear of monsters before moving on to the new hallways. If it is indeed clear, at least we can put it behind us knowing that there are no monsters at our back.

Of course, since the door was wedged shut from the other side, I think it's safe to assume that someone is over there.

- Logain

The area's where hallways etc run into 'gray' are areas that the bulk of the group has yet to explore. There are definitely a few paths to the west that remain unexplored.

I don't mind driving with group input considered. I can do that respective of or irrespective of my character's point of view. I am still missing a map. Are we saying past maps are sufficient?

Sorry for the lack of posts om my behalf the last days. I will do something that within a few hours.

Ah those squirrelly intents. What is intended is never at issue, really. What was said is. That was that she preferred the barracks route. So naturally, we then went there, following her suggestion.

Now that we are there, maybe you or she should post saying for Xyrhanna that she meant further into the complex where we ended before. That way the story reads true and plays out right from this point. Is that cool?

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