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The Skipper (whom your character could legitimately not recognize; Fuller was woefully under-briefed) is just going to look at Fuller like he is 'special' if he tries to enforce the order on her (she does forgive ignorance not your fault, though); other than MA 'Pulse Rifle', yeah, everyone else should. After all, at this point, the only people actively 'holding' a weapon are the Skipper (who will holster it as soon as she is sure it is 'safe'), Belar (who will likely drop it as soon as GabrielLong posts) and MA 'Pulse Rifle' (who is used to Marines being his back-up and shouting things like that to everyone when he is supposed to ignore them). The MA covering Adoree Goshan actually currently has both hands visiby empty (he is using them to support most of his weight to not crush the junior-ranking Goshan) and never went for a weapon, while Corpsman Third Goshan also never went for a weapon (Fuller just caught the end of her beating Fenq unconscious with her completely empty hands) and is currently treating Fuller's Medic.

Fuller's only major armed problem is likely to be MA 'Pulse Rifle', and his is ignorance. Of course, Fuller may not know that 'Pulse Rifle' is driven by ignorance. Add that his aide is about to put a shell into the brainstem of 'Pulse Rifle' from no more than a meter away... (I promise there is actually a sensible logic to Adama's actions, but I don't expect Fuller to be even remotely amused with Adama or be willing to listen until Fuller has taken his chosen course of action.) I don't forsee shooting breaking out again unless a PC makes a bad roll for some reason, and I am not forseeing any rolls unless you want to supplement the force of your instructions with 'Command', 'Leadership', 'Influence', or 'Discipline' checks on you own accord. (Which is cool with me.)

Yeah. Considering her in character command to the medic, I think it would be a good leap of logic here that fuller recognizes and doesn't enforce the order on her - especially since that's already in the post I'm working on. However, there is a fun bit of byplay that could have come from not recognizing her.

As for Goshan - wasn't even concerned about her or the second MA as your description pretty much placed them fairly well in my head.

Okay. I just like to make things as clear as possible OOC...(I save confusion for the IC.) ::Grins::

No worries. Thanks.

Heh, so for now Joran is just waiting for permission to get up, lol. That said, NaNoWriMo kicks off in about an hour and a half where I am, and as such my posting may suffer during the next month in rate, quantity, or quality - my apologies in advance

Okay. I just figured you would incorporate into your next post; that wasn't meant as a "You're wrong", but more because I realized from your post didn't fully convey the image I had in my head to the post. That is why I used the 'reflecting on, Oh...' variety of phrasing.

Sorry gents, this game seems amazing, but I am not sure I can keep up with the posting rate and reading so I think I am going to have to bow out.

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