OOC Thread

Kyris, just a heads up that the links to the fan-made books on the rerecruitment thread aren't working anymore.

Pardon me whilst I grumble.

I'm having difficulty finding time to write.. anything. I've managed to answer some questions in PM, but not really get to writing for you guys. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to plug in my netbook at work and get something out for you to work with at least.

Artemis, while I will be putting some narrative up for your exercise, Samson will be getting a little extra face time due to the time involved. I don't want to get too out of sync.

I'm actually not worried if we have to post more slowly and that lets you stick with the game in the long (ish) run. I'm in a game currently where it is a lucky thing to see two GM posts a month, and while that is a little slow for my taste . . . I can cope.

Thanks for the invite! I'll find a pic for Hector ASAP.

Alright. Altogether I've added four players, for a total of six. If Neopopulas does indeed provide some more background for Hellion, I'll probably add him too.

Priorities will be:

1. Working new characters into the story. Those of you who are onboard the ship (everyone but Gorgo and the Chief at the moment) feel free to start posting. I don't mind a little sandbox in my game, just don't go overboard. Our new chief can arrive anytime he likes, and if Dragon would like, he can be the pilot bringing him in. You two decide on that, and if that's the case, begin with translating in on the FTL jump, and we'll take it from there. Otherwise, Dragon, you can be on the ship already.

2. Finishing up the Ranks and Images thread with the enlisted ranks. They are all on my site already, just need to finish the tables. This will also make 3 easier.

3. Making character sheets like those for Fuller and Artemis for everyone. Anyone who wants to can find the template under the 'Old Threads' heading to the left of the main forum screen. Just let me know if you're going to beforehand so I don't start doing it myself. Then post it here and I'll put it in the appropriate spot. If anyone needs an image hosted and you don't have your own photobucket or whatever, email it to me at leekev76 at gmail dot com.

4. Making character sheets for the important NPC's like Deering, Burke, and others. These may well be limited to "Pic and Paragraph" listings like I already have.

Given that my attempts at formatting things in way that could be described as "fancy" has consistently refused to look right in the previews, I hope you don't mind when I leave the building of Character Sheets to you. Me and anything more than basic post formatting on this site (and on most boards, for that matter) do not tend to get along. If you need me to condense all the character history, psych profile, notable skills, and description into short blurbs, I can. The blurbs are supposed to be In-Universe, common knowledge?


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