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I don't think I'll have the opportunity to run into Mundy until after the shake down inspection, but I'll certainly give an honest reaction when I do.

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In that case,
What the hours of these shifts?
And when does the CO, on average, go "on-duty"? (Mainly so I can judge just how insanely early in the ship's day James usually wakes up; granted, he averages 3 hours of sleep a night, so he is probably awake at hours that make most of the non-Constellation crew shift, but damn. I have this really, really bad feeling I just walked James INTO the presence of the XO...which if Fenq is truly the hard-ass you are suggesting, is likely to get "entertaining".

Is there any specifc way you would like IC "documents" formatted in post?
Ok.. for shifts, dis be the rotation I 'ave in me 'ead.

0800-1800 - Alpha Shift
1800-0100 - Bravo Shift
0100-0800 - Constellation Shift

Alpha Shift is longer, but it is also larger. It is also the practice of the Fleet that Bravo and Constellation Shift members (especially on the lower decks) arrive early and leave late.

Generally if Condition One or Condition Two is called, the Alpha Shift is required to report for duty in the CIC. At Condition One, the Duty Shift (if not Alpha) remains in the CIC for combat support duties, while the Off Shift reports to secondary assignment stations throughout the ship, such as Damage Control Stations, Local Fire Control Stations, etc. If the Duty Shift is Alpha, then Bravo reports to the CIC for combat support. At Condition Two, the Duty and Off Shifts (if not Alpha) remain in a state of readiness, but are not required to report to specific stations if not ordered to do so by the CO.

Both the XO and the Major are on Alpha Shift, though the XO will often "Float" to other shifts and the Major has been known to make appearances at all times.

This is my tentative planning, and most of it is pulled directly out of thin air. I am toying with using a watch system more akin to that of the Royal Navy in the 1800's, but I'm not thinking too seriously on it.

In character "Documents"? If I understand what you mean, such as putting up the text of memos, etc, then I don't have any great preference. Just make it look good. If you mean something else, please explain.

Hooray for updates - they all look great!

@Selwyn - I know right now he's coming across as a nervous, nail-biting, over-talkative version of an Aquarian, but that's just how he is in interpersonal relationships. And he will probably be taking your suggestion here. On the deck, on duty? Another story entirely. He's going to have to force himself to remember that his deck crew are people too - he can be a bit... overprotective of 'his' planes and making sure the job is done, done right, and on the first frakking time

That said, I should have a post up in the next 12 hours or so. Gotta let these things marinate some and I gotta find food...

Kyris, thank you for the schedule, and Yes, I mean the 'text of memos', etc. I will make it look all official (although no promises on cutting offing the corners for eight-sided text blocks) and keep it relevant. I may just flag it private text if I am handing it to an NPC and other PCs aren't going to be reading it, may not.

And a well-rested GM is a GM that is popular...

And I love the XO already; Feel that love. (He is really going to be 'entertaining'.) James may 'accidentally' space Fenq man if war breaks out, there are no witnesses, and James knows he can get absolutely rid of the records. Most likely not, though...
As for flight ops schedules, I figure James has been working with the ship's EW people and the Raptor ECOs in simulations on-board Meleager since he got aboard, and requested this at training flight least a week ago. Of course, things changing without anyone telling the glaring Intel prick aboard happen in the military quite frequently...

Ugh.. so tired.. Something about being a prick about regulations because someone wrote you up for skipping a small one is really tiring. But I bet it's more tiring for the supervisor that wrote me up and that I now have scurrying around trying to fix all the "problems" I'm finding for him.

It's not really vengeful... I just don't like it when I get written up for something that caused no harm and got a job done 12 hours earlier than otherwise. So if they want to hold me to regulations, I'll be holding them to them, too.. ]

At any rate, at least I got something up for our intrepid con to play with.. now everyone is at least active. Time for sleep.

It's alright Kyris. As I said elsewhere, I can be a patient person. Just glad you were able to come back and start this one up again.

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