OOC Thread

Since I finally just got a stable internet connection back, I could GM it...

I'll stay on.

Okay, but who else have we got?

I edited the chunk relavent to you to fix my mixing up your PC's surname of 'Gorgo' and the callsign of your rival, 'Killer'. Your Viper got picked since it should involve a couple PCs (Artemis and PO1 Belar); Charon gets to deal with whatever is making his proximity alarm spaz out (I'll give you all two tries at guessing what that is), and 3LT Fuller gets to continue doing whatever he was with his Marines (which seems to be giving good motivating speeches at the moment, and his Marines are eating up, judging by their response).

I will likely be significantly faster with the responses than Kyris was, but I currently have more free time as well. Go to town, and if you need specific NPCs statted out for something, tell me what your concept is and I will make some up for you (I currently have the free time to do the paperwork; most of you are probably time-crunched). Depending on what you all do, the chain of events may not follow (or even result) in what happened in the miniseries/new series. I am real big on dynamic environments and letting PCs have as much of an effect as they can (and want to) on a setting.

And for perspective, it is (as of Lift 3 becoming an Engineering casualty and half the hangar guffawing) 0737. Galactica's decommisioning ceremony takes place at 1000, and will be broadcast system-wide over wireless. As noted previously, CO comes on-shift at 0800 with Alpha Shift, and Captain Fenq currently is the Officer of the Watch. Feel free to hate on Fenq; I am quite sure he was created to be hated, and that is how I am going to use him. Now let's see if we cannot kick this thread back into gear and have a good campaign.

Hey Prestar - I recommend you contact one of the mods so that you can actually be placed as official GM (so you can accept my sheet/player application back into the game). That way I can get back in on this and First Class Belar can get back to Chiefing the pot.

I messaged the on-shift Mod, and we will see what the reply is.

Okay, people, we again have an active GM. Let's have a fun campaign. You have suggestions, I will listen (at least once).

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