"I see truth is at a premium nowadays." Veritas noted with a certain degree of derision. He was disgusted, not so much that the girl had caved in to the fear - he'd seen it happen before - but that these men were actually going to prevail.

"If what you say is true, old man, explain to me why your 'friend' did nothing to stop me while I supposedly 'attacked you out of nowhere'. Explain why that woman has the fear of death in her eyes. Explain why I didn't simply twist your neck and be done with it, or better yet -" at this point Veritas touched the hilt of his sword. "- explain why this sword is clean of your blood, or hers, or even your big friend's for that matter."

The half-elf shot a glare that promised a world of pain Sticks wasn't familiar with. His gaze burned with the flames of a thousand hellfires and cackling demons tearing at his flesh for the sheer entertainment. For all he knew, Veritas was about to draw the sword on him - he could practically see his own headless body as his head flew through the air.

And yet he breathed. He was alive.

"As for you, pea-brain." That gaze was directed at the much larger man. "If I ever see you threatening this lady or anyone else again, you will need to look up in order to not look anyone in the crotch."

Veritas finally turned to the guards. The irony of it all was that throughout the entire exchange, they were completely ignored. The monk simply did not care at all for the authorities. "So, are you going to do anything, or are you going to just stand there? Because if the latter's the case I'm leaving. My teammates and I still need to finish cleaning the glassworks underground tunnel of undesirables."