Ready when you are Mr Music ...

Ready when you are Mr Music ...

Post a Thumbs up when you're back from the RL and ready for some Giant kicking


Yep yep yep. I wasn't sure whether we were allowed to post. Mind you, I was going to wait for Giddis to get back and report what he saw anyway.

Yah, I thought now the Olympics were over, peeps may be back now

Still not heard anything back from Taxellor (Talzith), we'll sort that when everyone else is back on deck,


oops sorry, I didn't consider you'd be waiting for Gid, I was just thinking as to him not having anything to report. I'm ready, and I made a small post.

I guess we left it with Gidds sneaking off to have a look, so they would be waiting for him to come back :0

Once we get a thumbs up from PC and Ty, we'll get going, though I'm still waiting for an answer from Taxellor, sent him a PM and all the usual stuff.

Do we think it's worth trying to recruit another??

... and if so, they will most likely want to play their own character.

So I could put up a Recruiting Thread for you peeps to interrogate ... I mean, question nicely as you do with Rum & PC -- as long as we don't get the same result and not being able to decide which we should take ...

Though we were at six characters to begin, so if you can't we will go with that, but I'd prefer to keep the 5 players


Nice to see we're all individual and distinct people to you, not interchangeable pawns in your grand play :P

"You're ALL individuals ..."
"I'm not !!!"

Monty Python, Live of Brian

Oh no ... which mistake (I did miss The, from "The Life of Brian" ... doh)

"He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy ..."


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