Ready when you are Mr Music ...

Oh ... LOL ... I was thinking CG, I type faster then I think (or do I think slower then I type ???)

As Brucie would say "You're my favourite(s) ..."

Just keeping it real so I don't get an email saying this game has been inactive

Waiting on CG & Ty to give us the thumbs up Rum

Welcome back CG

Right, so as we have the four of you, and the module is designed for five, do you want me to advertise for a fifth ??

Or do one of you have a friend you think would like to join us ??

Let me know and I'll post an advert / get your friend up to speed


I'm fine either way. Perhaps we move in and find the Giants have taken a snack prisoner.

Yah, I can get them into the game easily enough (without having to read your 500 pages of adventures ... )

Right, so I guess I'll advertise for a new player ... but if one of you have a RL friend who would like to join ...


OK ... an Add is up ...

Put your Interrogation, Good Cop / Bad Cop, Columbo hats on guys.

Up to you if you want to check out their creativity by asking unusual questions, asking for examples of play or giving them a test ... you will be playing with them / relying on them not getting you dead-ed

Oh, the recruit page is here:

New Meat ... ummm ... Recruits for AtG


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