Ready when you are Mr Music ...

OK, you guys have a couple of recruits already


OK, thanks CG

If not, you have two applicants already


Wow, that was sharp. I've played/am playing in games with both Ren and PolkaBear, and I can say that they are both regular, and the writing/RP is good Rens application made me laugh, although I guess we're actually looking for a defender? Since we have Controller, Leader, Striker, Striker, and I for one am very squishy.

Yah, I played in a game with Ren before, and he is a veritable 4e library

Shall I close off the application process then ... between CG's possible RL and those two (and Knight_Steve), you probably will have the one (prefer one) player you need

I know as last time we ended up with Rum & CG and it's not something I regret at all ... so if you can't decide, we can take two, you'll just be meeting more baddies

That and you would have had six anyways ...

I'd say close it down now. 3-4 there's more than enough potential to work with.

Game Ad is closed ... I've played with Ren Zhe and am still playing with electricpiper ... his Ranger and my witch often have a "difference in opinion" which is fantastic fun RP'ing

I'd say you have three definites there ... I'll let you take two as much as I think all three would be brilliant -- but which two is up to you guys

I'll wait to see their answers, any word from Ty?

No, I'll send him an IM, he has been posting in his Game, though not this week as frequently


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