Ready when you are Mr Music ...

That's always unfortunate. I'm, by nature, a worrier and even though I barely know a lot of these folk, I always hope whatever happened, they're okay.

Yah, he seems to have dropped off the face of the earth

Hasn't replied to my IM and doesn't seem to be posting in his other games either

Well that's crummy... get it... falls off the face... crummy! Bhahahahahahahhahahah...Ha! I kill me.

Taxellor never responded in The Slaying Stones either, so I'm worried about what happened to him too. =( Be sure to have his character leave in a way that allows her to come back in case he manages to return!

difficult to have someone leaving while right outside the encampment... it's too bad, her and Gidd worked well together.

Yah, have her leave in a way that allows her to come back, as well as having three characters "arrive" in an acceptable way ... I am a miracle worker ... apparently

No ... I know how they are going to link up with you (and nothing as fun as "the next meal" for the giants) ...

I mean, having Krivith picked up by a Regal of Dragons and putting Troll's End on high alert, I thought, was pretty cool.

Now I just have to get a Warden to leave you ... saying that, I do have something in mind which ties in with her background which she could not turn down ...

Wow ... I am good (or is that devious ???) I can never tell

I like the mask from the waist there

Also, I'll add for the benefit of you three: I take no responsibility for any of you being scorched by mistake - party friendly powers are for wusses.


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