One more through the picture...

"Marisa will do," the fey replies. She returns to Unit's shoulder as soon as it is done with his practiced experiment. "Me and my ... companion..." she glares at the warforged as she practically spits out the word, "...just arrived from the swamp as well." It is easy to see evidence for what she speaks of. The warforged's lower body is still heavy with half-dried mud, complete with some leafs and vines from plants that look like they could belong in a swamp.

The warforged appears to not take very much notice of the current conversation. It seems to use a tool at the joint on it's right ankle. With a click, it removes the entire foot and starts cleaning it. It looks a bit freaky with its foot detached like that, possibly alienating it further.

"Oh, my apologies," it booms when it notices the others are watching it. Talking softly does not appear to be among its traits.

"I assume from the extraordinary attention that I am doing something carbon-based lifeforms considers to be 'inappropriate'. Please let me know why, and I will adjust the behavior for future situations."

OOCI'm happy to start us moving again, just wanted to give folk a chance to introduce before we get embroiled in combat once more.
"Oloben Stalkingwolf" The quiet elf states, presumably by way of offering his own name as Xyrhanna introduces herself and offers a little insight as to their location. That said, he turns slightly away, enough so to put his ear against the door he had just recently closed, to listen for any approaching danger. "We should not linger." He states.

While he looks at Unit oddly at the removal of his foot, he, predictably, does not speak up as to why it is an inappropriate practice.

Have you ever heard about 'putting your foot in your mouth?' Marisa asks, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Unit appears to stop for a moment, trying to make sense of the last statement. "Like this?" it asks, actually putting the detached foot into its mouth. "I fail to see the practical usage of this." Obviously, he does not require his mouth to speak.

Marisa doesn't immediately respond, unless slapping her face into her hand counts. "Just ... forget I said anything and put that foot where it belongs."

"Brindol... in the Elsir Vale?" Erron repeats the statement by Xyrhanna, thinking over the tiefling's statement.

"I was searching out a Keep in the Borderlands, but I'm actually from Overlook originally... so I'm about a hundred miles to the northeast of Overlook?" Cracking his knuckles, Erron waves his fingers over Unit's foot,
Prestidigitation, cleansing effect
cleansing it of mud and vine while thinking.

"I haven't been home in some time, and I wasn't planning to return for much longer, but at least I'm among allies," Erron nods, his mind made up. "Pleasure, Xyrhanna, Oloben."

"Yes, let's get a move on." she, too, ignores the warforged, allowing his tiny companion the pleasure. "He is quite amusing to watch, Marissa." Xyrhanna finally says to her with a grin.

"Yeah, I guess he is ... for a while," Marisa reluctantly agrees. "It's just ... less entertaining when he's your only companion for months to end."

She flies elegantly from Unit's shoulder to Marisa's. "I appreciate your company a lot more," she smiles. Barring any protests, she makes herself comfortable sitting down on her shoulder.

An audible 'click' signals that Unit's foot is bag in position. "I am ready now," it booms out.

Xyrhanna smiles at the piquant female, "I have to agree." she walks for a few steps before starting up an new conversation, "What were you doing in the swamp when drug here?"

OOC: if I forgot, please forgive and just remind me

Erron briefly inspects his equipment, cleaning it in a similar manner to the Warforged's foot, before replacing his pack. Once his pack is in place, Erron unsheathes the broadsword at his hip, checking the blade's edge and inspecting it for rust. Re-sheathing the sword, he checks a second blade on his back, this one much older and well worn.

He is ready at the same time Unit 24671 announces his readiness, and Erron nods his assent.

Moving next to Xyrhanna, Erron answers her question quietly. "I'm a capable adventurer, and used to working alone- but I heard there was a safe Keep up in the Atlan Tepe mountains, with plenty of adventure around, so I was going to try my hand. Essentially, I was on my way toward adventure, so being pulled here isn't too far off course."

Looking to the elf and warforged, Erron then asks "How long have you all been working together?" His tone is light, but forcefully so- he's obviously trying to ask if her companions can be trusted.

"not too long." the tall female replies, "We actually just met up with Marisa and her nemesis." she says the last word with a slight grin, "And Oloben and I have been working together for a handful of days or so."

Hand on his sword, Erron nods at Xyrhanna's words, carefully watching the doors. Oloben was keeping an eye out, but two sets of eyes were better than one- even if the one was elven.

"Not a bad time to introduce new blood to the group," Erron remarks, and relaxes a little. The oddness of the warforged and his tiny companion, the tiefling woman and her elven guard- something about it felt comfortable.

"What skills do you possess?" He asks, casually and pointedly, "I am a guild-trained Wizard, and my spells tend to focus more on elemental powers, as my grandfather's spellbooks advise me."


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