Role Call

Role Call

Gday all,

Thought it'd be a good idea for us to sound off, introduce ourselves a little, and get to know one another. Also, a good way to make sure we're all here, ready, and able to post.

My name is Tim, I've been playing D&D since second edition, and via email for about 13-15 years now. It has been my primary method of game play for much of that time, though occasionally I am fortunate enough to get into some live gaming.

My wife, who plays Xyrhanna in this game, and I, met in just such a PBeM, and despite the 8,000 miles between us, she flew out from the US to me in Australia. A year later, we moved to the US together and got married, and have been here ever since.

We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and a part of that is a strong belief in keeping the Sabbath day holy. As such, I refrain from most gaming on Sundays, and am often very busy on those days taking care of Church obligations.

We run a family home child care, and are both in College, in my case for a degree in Special Education.

I will be trying to post most weekdays.

Great to have you all on-board. As you can see from the other thread, we've got Erron in and running. I am hoping to hook our other PC in through a different means, as the portal trick is getting a bit tired.

Looking forward to gaming with you all,


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Hello Tim. My name is Robert.

As far as roleplaying games go I suppose you could say I've done them all or very close to it. As for D&D in particular I've run and played it since before it was called D&D, back in the 70s when it was born from a miniatures game called Chainmail. Folks started giving their leaders personalities and the realized potential of that became the glimmer of D&D in the eyes of Mr Gygax. Lucky us. I won't say how many years that is because it's a lot. This year though is my first foray into email or pbp games so your experience there is far in excess of mine.

Congratulations on meeting someone over the internet and having it work! Best wishes to you both!

I am a software architect and consultant. That business has fluctuated so much that I would say 90% of what I learned and worked with is now obsolete. A very weird industry to be sure.

I play volleyball on hardcourt, sand, and grass, pretty much anywhere. I love the game and still travel with my team all over the United States for games. My team is serious and we have been to nationals many times and won medals so aside from making money at it, which we haven't, we can play fairly well. The friendships over the years and the good times have been spectacular.

My constant companion through life has been a border collie. I've had 3 and they were all unique and wonderful dogs. Frisbee and fake pigeon fetching is a daily activity for my current sidekick, Monty.

I live and pretend to work in Birmingham, AL although any and all comparisons to myself and the stereotypes of this area are not true of me. Birmingham is beautiful country and my family is wonderful.

I look forward to gaming with your group.


Hello, Tim/Ashe and Robert/Series;

My name is Matt, and I'm an odd juxtaposition between the two of you.

I'm mormon, from the US, and served my mission in Australia (Sydney); my dad is a computer programmer, and I've had a computer in the house since the early 80s- everything I ever learned about DOS, Pascal, and dial-up internet is now useless; I actually ran an ISP with one of my friends for a few years in high school (he works for Google now).

I'm a second-generation gamer. My dad taught my brothers and I to play once we had reached the ripe old age of 8 years old (the deal he made with my mom), and I've been gaming with my brothers and my Dad and whatever friends I've been able to draw in ever since.

I lived far away from family before, and now I live in another state from my family, so I get my gaming fix where I can. I play in a real-life game with my wife and some friends, and restrict most of the rest of my games to here.

I'm a Californian, and most of the stereotypes about people like me are probably truer than I would like.

- Logain

Originally Posted by L0g41n View Post

I'm mormon, from the US, and served my mission in Australia (Sydney);
Wow, it sure is a small world!


(Feeling left out) - Um - I - er - I've been to Sydney once for business. Beautiful city.

Hehe, I've only been to Sydney once myself, well unless you count the airport, which I really don't. I was from Launceston, down on the island of Tasmania. Not a mainlander at all.

Just watched the movie "Hunter" with Willem DaFoe. The scenery was beautiful.

Seen any tigers?

I'll refrain from telling the one joke I know about Tasmania (learned to harass my APe that was a Tassie).

You said you'd since emigrated to the States, Ashe, whereabouts are you guys located now? It's just an idle curiosity, so if state is too specific, maybe time zone?

Also, I applied for membership of the pbem game, so hopefully that will work. Yahoo had me sign in with my googleID like fifteen times.

- Logain

Hi ho. I'm from Norway, so I'm the fifth wheel here. I'm situated in GMT+1, which means I'm about 8-12 hours ahead of you. Most of the active roleplaying on the online games I participate in happens when I'm asleep. Still, it works.

Let's see. Been roleplaying since around 2000. I have a feeling I'm younger than you guys -- 30 years old. I started active roleplaying with D&D 3rd edition, Rolemaster and Shadowrun 3rd edition. For the moment GMing Shadowrun 4th edition for a RL group.

I am (surprise) also a programmer. Apart from that, I have a wife and five year old daughter. My spare time, apart from roleplaying games, is spent on comics (written format, not movies) and computer games. Right now I'm having fun with Orcs Must Die 2!, with some League of Legends, Kingdoms of Amalur and Deus Ex thrown in.

I am not very religious, I'm afraid, which is why I don't mention that in further detail.

Hey Ayeba!

I'm actually 32, so not that much older, I just got an early start.

How do you like Kingdom of Amalur? I was put off by the titles, so I never picked it up, but I've heard good things about it. How are you finding it?

I think we're still missing one player, the previously mentioned Mrs. Ashe?

- Logain


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