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I was interested in Kingdoms when it came out, but was put off by some mediocre reviews. Then I bought it on sale this summer.

My thoughts: "Relaxing fun." Some interesting storylines, some cool mechanics... enough to keep me busy for a while, but nothing that's really going to stick around for very long. One storyline managed to surprise me, positively. Otherwise, it earns its reputation as World Of Warcraft single-player, albeit better.

I really like the real-time dodge and block mechanics, which gives you a lot of control. Never seen anything similar in an RPG game as far as I can remember.

Short version: Not a fantastic game, but a fun and entertaining game for a while. A title you can safely pick up if you're not expecting anything huge, and get a few pleasant surprises.

DAoC - still the best ever ...

Although I never took to WoW due to the cartoonyness. I have 6 85th level toons though still. Lol

Not familiar with DAoC.

The last line did not make sense. You never took to WoW, yet you have 6 85s? ...

I never took to it(WoW) - as in I didn't really like the way it played or the philosophy that kept it popular - yet I played because all my IRL roleplaying buds played. Sort of like my whole life. Birmingham - everyone loves NASCAR and football so I've been to many such events even though it isn't my preferred scene.

DAoC - Dark Age of Camelot - The fine grained control was higher than any other online RPG (block and dodge like you mentioned above among a host of others). The graphics were superior for its day. Each of 3 nations had completely different classes and races that all matched up oddly against some of the others. It was deep, balanced, unique, and super complicated. Like reality. I loved it.

Originally Posted by L0g41n View Post
I'll refrain from telling the one joke I know about Tasmania (learned to harass my APe that was a Tassie).

You said you'd since emigrated to the States, Ashe, whereabouts are you guys located now? It's just an idle curiosity, so if state is too specific, maybe time zone?

Also, I applied for membership of the pbem game, so hopefully that will work. Yahoo had me sign in with my googleID like fifteen times.

- Logain
I'm not thin skinned, I want to hear the Tassie joke! Don't worry, I won't take it out on your character. Much.

We're up in Washington state.

I approved your request, so if it gives you grief, let me know.


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Let's see. Been roleplaying since around 2000. I have a feeling I'm younger than you guys -- 30 years old. I started active roleplaying with D&D 3rd edition, Rolemaster and Shadowrun 3rd edition. For the moment GMing Shadowrun 4th edition for a RL group.

I am not very religious, I'm afraid, which is why I don't mention that in further detail.
Actually, I'm 28, so there ya go.

And no worries on the religious front. Great way to start an argument to get into THAT barrel of wax at first blush! Suffice to say I was agnostic until a little under 2.5 years ago, but, things happen.

I've never tried Shadowrun, but I've heard a little about it, and always been kind of interested in learning more. Maybe one day.


Originally Posted by DM Ashe View Post
I won't take it out on your character. Much.
I wasn't worried until the 'much,' but it's pretty generic and can be used against almost any nationality/area/population that you feel like mocking.

So here goes:
"If a Tasmanian husband and wife get divorced, are they still legally brother and sister?"

*braces for impact*

- Logain

I'm here

Need the forums to let me know when there is something to respond to :/

Somedays I'm more verbose than others... I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one is today

The forum has subscription options which lets you receive an instant email whenever someone posts a reply. I only rely on it, I never go into the forum itself.


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