IC: So Say We All

Meleager Infirmary

As they work, Crane looks at Meas with a slightly odd expression. "Doctor, the war never actually ended, we simply had a formalized cease-fire that held until less than an hour in the form of The Armistice. This isn't a second war, it's simply the four-decades-later continuation of the first. Why else did you think that the Colonial Government has not only maintained and updated but continuously expanded and improved the Colonial Defense Forces?" Crane was looking at him--between paying attention to her work--with a mix of mild pity, slight amusement, and something Meas would have to call 'quizzical puzzlement'. From her friendly tone and the warm light in her eyes, she clearly thought it odd such a highly-educated individual would not know something so basic.

Dr. Jared Meas

"Well, technically you're right. But what is peace if not the absence of open conflict? If not, out entire history would consist of an constant war with every non-violent moment serving as nothing else than a preparation for the next battle. Which would be foolish, or perhaps sad is a better word, as none can live, much less enjoy themselves, while always waiting for an inevitable battle. Therefore, ms Crane, one must always go to one's length to find peace even though technically there is no such thing. But the day we have forgotten the meaning of the word peace is the day we stop living." all this time Jared had kept his eyes on the patient and continued his work without any delays.

Expression softening a bit, Joran straightens up. He remembered what it was like, not knowing anything yet. Taking a deep breath, he let it out slowly before continuing.

"Arianna, I'm not taking your section - so get that stick out of your butt. And while it may have worked for the Skipper's insane training, but quite obviously even her training isn't enough to be ready for the full effect of what can happen during wartime. Switch out between you and your second - have him doing skid inspection for every bird we have come in and back out for the rest of this engagement, and you take over watching the ammo offload. Once Goshan gets back with my tools I'm going to get to work on those struts, and see what I can do with them, and I'm leaving AT1 Petras in charge - let him know. And as soon as we have enough 'down time' to start it, I want every last person in this hangar training to become an expert in inspection and procedure no matter who is doing it or not. Understood?"

3LT Sampson Fuller
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All Dressed Up
"Right," Sampson smiled while simultaneously shaking his head and planting a bemused smile on his face. Of course the Major already thought of it. And it was unlikely anyone expected a green Lieutenant to think of these things anyway, "You know, it occurs to me that I'm not entirely sure who aside from the two of us makes up the full composition of green. In between confabbing with Belar and meeting the shuttle why don't you bring me up to speed."

Lieutenant Fuller moved off while he was talking, confident that Adama could both keep his radio chatter up and follow him in order to fill him in. "Are there any other weapon systems, armor or kit we can deploy that will help us stay ahead of the game?"

Sampson approached Chief Belar and waited a moment as he listened to both the Chief talking to his crew and Adama relaying between himself and the rest of the comm channel. "Chief Belar, when you have a second I need to talk with you concerning getting some food out to your people and running counter boarding ops here. Ideally I'd like to group your people around experience MA's and Marines to increase Morale and effectiveness, while keeping my people out of the way so you can work."

Dismissing Stone, Joran took a moment to take a breath and steady himself. After that bit of soul-suicide, he definitely needed some grease-time.

As soon as Goshan gets back, I'm getting under that bird... But first, duty calls.

Putting a tired smile on his face, he acknowledges Sampson with a nod.

"Ell-Tee, good to see you made it back before the fun started. Food sounds fantastic, actually. I can have AT2 Lawrence and Green Section get those distributed - we're not quite as busy with all birds launched and we're really just cleaning up to make sure we have everything ready to go for refueling and rearming as necessary. As for setting up your counter-boarding operations, your best bet is to coordinate with AT1 Petras with Phoenix Force. They're good, they're rested, and Petras is going to be taking over ops for a bit - I have a bird that really needs its legs looked at."

At that moment Goshan returns with the coveralls and tools. Joran accepts them with a nod, and then shucks his blouse before starting to slip into the coveralls. Gesturing to Sampson, he continues speaking.

"Goshan, this is Lieutenant Sampson, the new Marine 3LT. He's going to be setting up counter-boarding positions and getting food to us. I want you to grab Lawrence so the Cocktail Waitresses can get food out. Petras should already be on his way over - make sure he coordinates with the Ell-Tee and plays nice while I'm working. Does that work for you, Lieutenant?"

Inspecting the nukes while thinking a mile a minute he explains to Julie the events of the previous excursion. He goes into detail of the return of the Cylons, as much as he knows, and more so about the bombs he found and diffused. "Everything we know has just changed Julie, and not for the better. As far as I'm concerned, the only person I can only trust is you right now."

As the ship made the unexpected jump he began to fall forward, and while catching Julie from doing the same, grasped on to one of the packages they were transporting, and barely stayed on his feet. "Well that was interesting."

2nLt Stryker

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Since the Raptor touched down in the hanger bay everything was a blur of action. The VP, Aurora, and the surviving Protective Services Agents were whisked away by medical staff to Sick Bay. The ship seemed to be going into combat alert mode and here I am pacing a waiting room watching the damned luggage! Josh thought to himself. What a life for a soldier.

3LT Sampson Fuller
Life Points:18/18 Plot Points 7/7

All Dressed Up
"Sounds good Chief, Don't forget that when we make it out of this we're sitting down for a cold one," Fuller didn't say if. They were going to make it out if he had to drag every man-jack of them screaming and kicking into safety, "Goshan, nice to meet you finally. I've had a chat or two with your sister already. Let's get these people taken care of."

Sampson Fuller stopped for a second and glanced over at Adama. "I know we're marines and not waitresses Terrence, but check and see if anyone has bothered to check in on SWT-1 Thompson and Sergeant Mast. See if there is anything they or their raptor crew need. Food, whatever. Find out and if they have any issues I'll answer as best I can."

3LT Fuller turned back to Goshan, "Now, sorry about the wait, but let's see what we can do. We need to make one quick stop at the incoming shuttle, other than that I see no conflicts."

Meleager Infirmary

Crane looked at Meas with a neutral expression, her attitude clearly transmitting she was quite sure he needed his head examined for either concussion or insanity. She said nothing further for the next several minutes as they worked, and then things were done. All the triage had been attended to, and the only major operation was that on the Vice President...and judging by the expressions of both the Marines and the MAs scattered about the infirmary--including the guard of each type right outside where they were operating--Doctor Meas was going to get hit--hard--or worse if he tried to offer assistance to the operation. Crane stood back and nodded to the various crew-members helping out with moving the patients, stripped off her gloves into the trash, stretched--showing off her rather nice figure, although that was clearly not her intention--and nodded Meas towards the door.

"Come on, Doctor. Let's get you out of here before Fenks comes out of surgery. He'll chew you up and spit you out on a good day--or at least put effort into--and from how hard and long that surgery looks to take, I think he may might well order the Marines and/or MAs to thrash you soundly for 'intruding' into his domain. Whether they could tell he was joking is not something I want to test. We'll get some chow-" She nodded at the frankly delicious-smelling-but-simple-and-plentiful food and drinks a couple yeomen were wheeling in. "-and then walk with it, get us both showered, changed into clean clothes, and you a bunk somewhere." Crane's voice was polite, but it was neither warm nor enthusiastic as she motioned him to follow her as she piled up a plate for herself. She looked to the Marine with the most stripes on his uniform standing in a corner. "Iversion, I'm clocking out for chow, a shower, a change, and a couple hours. I'll have my wireless at hand if I'm needed. Since he helped me and I've got nothing else going on, I'll settle Meas--the civvie--in and get him squared away." The NCO (Meas was now fairly sure he was a 'Sergeant'), Iversion, just nodded.

Meleager Hangar

Adama looked thoughtful at the question about gear, then shook his head in the negative. "No, Sir. We're running light, but here's your in-briefing packet." Adama passes over a
This basically covers everything covered in the 'Meleager Marine Complement & Equipment', 'Meleager Crew & Equipment Complement', and '24th Viper Training Squadron' threads of the Background thread-group; it also conveys the same information as the NPC Bios for SSgt. Burke, Sgt. Adama, Cpl. Crane, the Skipper (Major Deering), the XO, and the CAG, plus pictures and names for anyone PO1 or above on the ship, including the Nuggets (since they were technically--just--officers, albeit only the two CLt. "equal" to Fuller).
thick sheaf of papers, which he attaches to a clipboard holding a slightly-battered set of papers...the report on the accident three months ago. "This should cover any questions you have about us, Old Mel, or the Squadron, Sir. Sorry it took so long to hand to you, but it slipped my mind with the 'excitement'." Adama sounds embarrassed, but his tone leveled back to professional--but warm--neutrality as he switched subjects. "As for Green, Sir, that is you, Staff Sergeant Burke, myself, and Corporal Crane. We are supposed to have four more Medics, but they can either be with Green or paired off with the four Sergeants--leading Sections--we are supposed to have. So half of Green is us, Sir, another fourth is Staff stuck on the shuttle, and the last fourth is Corporal Crane." Adama then waited until addressed again.

Adama nodded to Fuller. "Yessir. I'll take care of it. Corporal Aramaki-" Adama motioned the man over. "-and his squad will take care of any questions or issues you have, Sir." Adama jogged off towards the shuttle.


Goshan smiled--it had a slightly 'dreamy' air to it, but she was clearly least mostly--and nodded. "No problem, Sir." She nods as both Petras and Lawrence--sprinting across the Hangar to their Chief's summons--skid to a stop in front of her and the Lieutenant. "Petras, Lawrence, this is the M-C-O, Lieutenant Fuller. Give him the full courtesy he's do until he says otherwise. Lawrence, Chief, has you playing waitress for the food distribution when it gets hear; you know what to do. Petras, you get to play Marine; you're back-stopping the MAs and the Marines, and you're under Lieutenant Fuller's authority in doing so." Both nodded, and Lawrence wheeled sharply back around, gathered his section's attention with a sharp tonal whistle, and then hand-signed them to rally around the door nearest the kitchen. They complied as Lawrence took off jogging.

Petras, meanwhile, turned to Fuller with a polite expression while standing at Parade Rest. "What do you need from us, Sir?"

Goshan moved to stand a half-step behind Fuller's left-shoulder (Adama usually had the right). "The shuttle is delayed on the Deck, Sir, do to the Deck-Launch. It'll be a couple more minutes before they arrive."


Corporal Clarence started herding Aurora towards the troop bay, but then heard Adama's voice over her wireless. She motioned her squad to continue onward--Marine Country was only a short ways from the Hangar--and turned back around, quickly jogging over to 2Lt. Stryker. Saluting him, she waited for his return salute before speaking...despite her lack of use for protocol once bullets started flying. "Sir, Lieutenant Fuller's complements, but would you mind joining myself and my squad? We can get you a shower, a proper uniform, battle rattle, someplace to stash that over-grown attaché case--not like it's important since the war is on--and a bunk." Corporal Clarence leaned closer, hoping the right vibe carried over. She was trying for 'In Confidence', but she knew her cold bearing and palpable aura of anger made it hard to read her attitude correctly. "Also, my squad and I have the guard duty on Aurora, and I think she would find your presence comforting." Clarence leaned back out and waited, face impassive (although everyone swore she looked pissed-off, but she always looked pissed-off, it was just how life had built her) as she awaited his response.


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