IC: So Say We All

Meleager CIC

The suddenly Colonel Deering looks around at all of you, obviously considering what to ask her 'staff'. She finally apparently settles on something, as she leans forward over her plotting table and directs her voice at you. "Okay, people, I need your feedback on that transmission, along with how you would advise we employ any resources under your command and share your expertise relevant to the situation." Deering looks directly at Dr. Meas. "Doctor Meas, you're now our official 'civilian' specialist, and with your Psychology knowledge, you're especially valuable. I'll hit you up last for advice. Quickly figure out a rough plan of sorting and basic stabilization for the civilians, who are likely to be traumatized. Also think about which ships are most critical to save." She continues speaking as a yeoman hands Dr. Meas a
These contain the IC-equivalent of all of the information in the Galactica 'Pilgrim Flotilla' Thread; they are laid out well and relatively easy-to-read for intelligent and/or military PCs, so (aside from all the stuff in the Spoiler), it only takes any PC skimming through it about five minutes IC to know and understand all the information contained in the Thread IC.
bound-together dense stack of papers with a green coversheet . "Here is Mundy's 'quick' briefing packet on it. It should tell you whatever you need to know." Deering turns to Gorgo as a yeoman hands out more of the
Ditto as above. All of the PCs know now what is what with the Pilgrim Flotilla IC after five minutes skimming; seven minutes' skimming will also yield all the information in the Battlestar Group 75 Thread to the PCs IC. Information on Fleet combat assets is classified, and since Dr. Meas doesn't have a clearance, Mundy won't give him such information; his packet doesn't contain that information. (Due to being a dick about such things.)
bound-together dense stacks of papers with a red coversheet to 3Lt. Fuller, 2Lt. Stryker, CLt. Gorgo, and SWT1 Meas.

Deering swings around to face the two Marine Lieutenants. "Stryker, I understand--thanks to some quick data retrieval by various members of my CIC staff with 'skills'--that you have a reputation as a somewhat-talented officer with Assaults of all varieties. That's good; we'll need your advice in that field, since we have frakking Toasters boarding a religious minority's ship, a tough-as-nails and tactically devious ethnic minority's ship, a just-about-empty-of-patients and flotilla-command-center hospital ship, and--since they care enough to go the extra mile--a school ship with a thousand middle-schoolers and twenty-five hundred high-schoolers...the best and the brightest of each group in the Cyrannus system. Once we sort out the Flotilla's 'Toaster infestation', expect to assume command of sixty Marines--a full Line Platoon--plus one-hundred-twenty Masters-at-Arms, two-hundred-sixty-six Customs Enforcement Agents, and gain authority over the various Flotilla ships' security personal as you will also assume responsibility for Security and Law Enforcement in the 'Pilgrim Flotilla'. Welcome to Command in Time of Shooting War, Lieutenant. It sucks, but it's worth it if you can hack it."

Deering takes a moment to think, then addresses Fuller. "You're my M-C-O; coordinate closely with Lieutenant Stryker, since it looks like his command-to-be is currently tied up keeping Toasters from overrunning the hospital ship...which means your Marines and MAs are the only mobile counter-boarding force we have available at the moment. Figure out a Priority of Counter-Boarding Plan ASAP as to which ships in which order; from the look of things--and the size of those ships--just assume you are going to have to use all six Raptors to 'deep-strike' your Marines in to effectively counter-board most of those vessels, thanks to their size, with Meleager's fifty M-As following in two of the Z-I-S Four-Ten Heavy Shuttles after your Marines secure the hangar. If you two Marines see something I'm not, then by all means, please ignore that assumption. It's going to be nasty, and we may lose people...but we can't let the civilians just die."

Deering turns to Gorgo. "Artemis, you are the only Viper pilot I have available for tactical advice at the moment, and your scores in staff and fleet simulations are high enough I'm not worried about your sense of tactics, so you're going to represent the pilots in this discussion, and make sure I don't overlook tactical nuances that a Viper pilot would spot. You're standing in for Vector, so don't screw up. We've got Fleet and Civilian lives on the line in large numbers. My basic plan is to hot-drop in in alongside either Demeter's Call or Path of Helios--depending on advice from my 'staff' here--and hot-launch the fighters. Thanks to having to spot Galactica a Pilot-Instructor, we have a bird for you, so you will be launching with the rest of our Vipers. What you and I need to work out is how many of our Vipers to each 'task' and where those Vipers will be going on those 'tasks' once we Jump In. We do have twenty-four P-D-F Mark Eight Vipers to work with, so that should help."

Deering finally turns to Thompson. "You are probably going to get to live up to your nickname, 'Tick-Tock'. I got the codes for your 'packages', as well as the codes to all forty-eight High Speed Anti-Ship nukes the Mark Eights escorting the 'Flotilla' are carrying. Thus, Mister Thompson, I believe your day is made, as my job for you is to figure out how to best employ all those nukes...including all the nice 'little' tactical missile warheads on Meleager. Just remember that we are dealing with tightly-packed civilian vessels, and that Meleager does not have the 'shake-it-off' quality of Battlestars and Basestars when it comes to 'The Lords' Flashbulbs', okay? Also figure strategies for employment with Zero, One, Two, and More Basestars, both present when we Jump In to the Flotilla, and Jumping In on us helping the Flotilla."

Deering nods to all of you. "You've got seven minutes to read the packets and start forming plans, then I'm going to lay out what I've come up with, and then take suggestions and such. Since I can multi-task, if something important suddenly jumps out at you from the information or gives you a surprise epiphany, call it out. Use your judgment; I'm not going to jump down your throats unless it's absolutely stupid, and given that you'd be surprised at what has lead to brilliant plans in Fleet brainstorming sessions like this one, that's fairly unlikely. You're all intelligent professionals. Make miracles happen. We're Jumping In to the Flotilla in fifteen minutes, bar nothing."

OOC Note: I'll give you all a few posts each to discuss amongst each other (assume you're having quiet conversations IC) and bring anything important to her attention, then I'll assume "six minutes" has passed and she'll quickly lay out the plan.

Dr. Jared Meas

Most critical to save?! Well all of course, you can't value one human being more than another. But Meas knew that was not the answer she wanted and so he kept his thought to himself while he quickly skimmed through the papers. "Ambrosia, Luxuria and Demeter of course and so also Delphi, Wanderer's and Ophiuchus but what about The Mule and what if we don't manage to save that many, should Ophiuchus be prioritized and 4000 more people be condemned to their death. But who knows how many will die if their isn't enough medical capabilities. And The Mule, how should one weight a hundred people and a ton of food against 50 times more people without any food? I guess there isn't much choice, unless..." Dr. Meas skims through the data again to see if he missed any data regarding the ship(s) they already have and more specifically the amount of food they have in stock.

2nd Lt. Stryker

For a split second Josh has a look of a deer caught in the headlights of an on coming bus; but, he recovers very quickly. "Uh, yes ma'am." He starts to flip through the intel packet he was handed a minute before.

While skim reading the packet he leans over to Fuller. "I'm a little unclear as to exactly what the TO&E is on this ship. What do we have to work with? Beyond that my suggestion would be to clear the Hospital/Command Ship first, next priority the kids, then we can work out from there."

And admittedly, I smiled ear to ear when I read that...
Thompson smiled wide at the word of receiving the codes he needed for his party favors, now he could work some magic. As he looked briefly over the stats of the flotilla he formulated a plan and spit it out.

"Ma'am, my initial thought is to have the Mk. 8's fan out in a spherical pattern around the flotilla, at a distance great enough to have an enemy jump land them inside the "bubble" they would create. Running silent this should give them prime opportunity to strike a basestar from the rear as well as engage any pockets of enemy fighters should they come in waves and we have a desperate enough need to use them on fighters. Before we jump we have them scout an area out, in groups of three. When cleared, one will jump back to report leaving the other two to set up strategic choke points. If enemies are present all jump back, relay enemy coordinates, and re-jump into flanking positions if a strategic strike is viable. If not, we head somewhere else." He thinks for a moment and nods to himself, "When I get back to the Raptor with my cargo I'll also convene with my marine counter-part to see if she has anything to add."

Dr. Jared Meas

When he didn't find what he was looking for he turned to the skipper, "Excuse me Madam. Do we have any records of our current supply of rations and medical supply? Also, how long do we expect this conflict to last, in other words, when can we expect people to return home?"

3LT Sampson Fuller
Life Points:18/18 Plot Points 7/7

. . . and somewhere to go.

Backtracking a bit
Fuller shook Stryker's outstretched hand and smiled. "I've been on Old Mel about 6 hours give or take, so you and I are sort of in the same boat Lieutenant. Speaking of which, as soon as I get the chance I'm going to grab you some different armor. That set has sort of 'religious' significance to my Marines. Lieutenant Buckley was well liked, and the accident that cost this ship his leadership and most of the Marine compliment is still a sore spot."

The Young Marine Officer shook his head. "It's a damn shame, but it appears that Tinker Bell's demise and the subsequent Cylon presence are linked, which I'm sure you know. If there is anything more specific you want, I'll try to fill you in as best I can under the circumstances."

Fuller cast a sidelong glance at Goshan as they moved. It was impressive the way she navigated the passageways without missing a beat while she worked.

*Back in current time*

Sampson nodded to Stryker, handing him one of his duplicate copies of the Marine TO&E for Old Mel.

"I'd agree, though part of me was leaning toward the school kids, Hospital ship does have the priority." His head was ticking off scenarios as he looked over the data available, "I hate to say it, but the food has to be next in line. Without it saving those people will be an invitation to a slow death."

Fuller glanced up and frowned. "Major, am I to understand that you want us to take all Old Mel's Marine and MA compliment?"

Meleager CIC

Colonel Deering looks up from her plotting table and her conference with seems to notice the briefcase chained to Stryker's wrist for the first time. Looking down at the bloody keychain Mundy tossed her, she nods. "Mundy!"

The CWT1--clearly deeply focused on something--looks up in confusion that is also plainly evident in his tone. "Sir?"

Mundy snatches the chain and key out of the air as Deering wipes off her right hand on a towel and jerks her left thumb over her shoulder at Stryker. "Get that poor man unchained, sign for his briefcase, and store in your code safe. He's going to need both hands...and sign for it properly, Mundy." Having finished wiping off her right hand, she waggles her finger at him with a stern expression. "None of that shit you pulled on Rear Admiral Cain."

Mundy looks--and sounds--rather wounded as he quickly and handily unlocks his very sturdy code safe and extracts a clipboard he quickly fills out as he talks and walks over to 2Lt. Stryker. "Sir! Cain had it coming--she was ignoring security protocols--whereas the fine, upstanding Marine Ell-Tee there got stuck as political eye-candy, but clearly remembers proper security protocols and follows his conduct aboard Tinker Bell demonstrated." Mundy extends the
All the proper paperwork for Stryker to sign over his briefcase--which is no joke--is properly filled out. All Stryker has to do is flip through and sign in five places--twenty seconds' work--and the case is legally no longer his problem.
clipboard and pen, then waits for Stryker to sign before unlocking the briefcase from his wrist, taking it back to the code safe, locking it (and the signed paperwork) inside, and returning to his work.

Deering, meanwhile, turns to Doctor Meas with a slight frown. "Call me either Ma'am or Colonel, Doctor Meas. Otherwise I likely not know you are talking to me if I'm any busier. Between their information and Fleet records show, the 'Pilgrim Flotilla' has a fresh foods, 'quality' rations, and non-medical supplies for between one and two months for the population currently aboard the Flotilla's ships, plus long-duration 'improved emergency/refugee' rations and non-medical supplies for Fifty-Thousand people in storage aboard Super Mule. In addition, Super Mule--with twelve hours to work, or several hundred additional personnel loaned to them--be ready to house Nineteen-Thousand-And-Two-Hundred additional personnel in very comfortable--well above normal disaster relief standards--housing in one-hundred-ninety-two converted-over cargo pods; in addition, Super Mule's life support recycling plants would be able to support those people and the ships already dependent on it for another three years before a full flush and plant refit would be required. Oh, and Super Mule can supply the ships of the 'Flotilla'--and their auxiliaries--with about six months' of fuel, above and beyond whatever those ships have aboard right now."

Deering looks thoughtful as she quickly flips through several different reports and files on her plotting table, then looks back up at Meas. "From their last report, the 'Flotilla' had just finished resupplying when The Attack hit. The seventeen Titanic-class Cruise Liners and Path of Helios are good on consumables for thirty to forty days--with thirty days of emergency rations we'd rather not dig into yet--before they'll need resupply, they'll need their water refreshed and to be refueled in ninety days, and their life support systems flushed in one-hundred-eighty days. Demeter's Call and Ambrosia currently have consumables for sixty to seventy days--with a fifteen days of emergency rations aboard we'd, again, rather not tap yet--but they'll need their life support systems flushed, their water refreshed, and to be refueled in ninety days. Wander's Respite is good--on everything--for about a year, plus they can perform repairs and limited life support flushing and water replenishment for approximately fifty ships in the size of the Titanic-class Cruise Liners or Path of Helios, two at a time, and they have about two months worth of fuel aboard from ships those size; they may be holding back...they're Wanderers, after all."

Deering pauses to take a long swig of her juice, quickly eye another donut with regret, and returns to briefing Meas. "Ophiuchus, The Delphi, Luxuria, and the fourteen Diana-class Corvettes, all having been built and maintained to Fleet--well, CDF--standards, are all good on consumables, life support, and fuel for five years; Ophiucus also has her full war-time medical supply load of six months aboard, and they seem to have squeezed right around a routine six months' worth of medical supplies for the 'Flotilla' aboard as well. Damn if I know where they stored it; those Aesclapius-class ships can barely fit aboard their own full supply loads. All of those CDF-standard ships except The Delphi have six months fuel and supplies for their embarked auxiliaries aboard; The Delphi--designed to be a self-sufficient Deep-Space Exploration Vessel--is completely self-sufficient, recycling everything and needing no outside supply once it's launched; the damn ship can literally build everything it needs...of course, its advanced, carefully non-sentient but intuitive and brilliant expert programs that make that possible scare Fleet badly. Thus it's supply needs are a non-issue."

Deering ponders Meas' second question for a long several moments, then looks at him and simply shrugs. "Who knows? It took us twelve long years and one-point-four billion lives the first time we fought them; hopefully this fight will go better. Safe bet?" Deering quirks her lips in a brief off-kilter smile. "Don't plan on being anywhere else for six to twelve months bare minimum if we are all very start coming to terms with 'years' of active warfare. Our focus will probably only be a year before things settle down enough they have someone else besides those ships--all the time--to put these people. That being said, as long as you can avoid or break contact with Cylons, being spaceborne, 'quiet' in space terms, and 'off the beaten paths'--as in away from the main sublight and Jump routes--then you are usually safer than on a planet, since ships can dodge and Jump away."

Deering turns to refocus on laying out the engagement on her plotting table, but hears Fuller's call. Giving a slightly reproving look while flicking her new rank tabs, she faces him and speaks. "Yes, Sampson, take all of them. With the ten additional M-As we got from the evack of Echidna Base, that should give you eighty boarders; if you split them up--however you and Lieutenant Stryker feel best--you should be able to competently cover two ships being boarded. In addition, once we distract/pound-the-shit-out-of/drive-into-a-rout the Cylon Raiders hitting the 'Flotilla', the surviving Corvettes' Customs Enforcement Teams should be able to handle the situation aboard Ophiuchus; at least, that's what their planning was. Given the number of ships being boarded, if Ophiuchus can manage with those Customs Teams, that would be good for the rest of the 'Flotilla' that's now our concern to safeguard." Deering turned back to her plotting table, but from how she positioned herself, it was clear she was still open to questions as she planned.

Dr. Jared Meas

Okey, not really the information I wanted but it will do, Jared then quickly added the new numbers to his calculations which didn't take more than a couple of seconds. He then turned toward the lady, "Understood Ma'am. With the aim to save as many human lives as possible in an extended conflict the data suggest that the most appropriate priority should be the following." he took a moment to breath and quickly assure himself that he had reached the right conclusion, "Highest priority should go to Ophiuchus, then the Super Mule, the Ambrosia, the Luxuria, the Delphi, the Wanderer’s Respite, the Demeter's Call, the Helios Pilgrims and lastly the Corvettes in descending order of priority." He fixated his eyes onto Deering's unsure if she would approve of his decision, which as one favoring reason rather than emotions.

Deering nods to Thompson as she continues to focus on the plotting table. "Sounds good. Be ready to coordinate it, assuming we will not need your EOD expertise on one of the boarded vessels."

"I'll brief the Marine with me on the plan, should I need to head over and handle things in a more hand's on fashion." With a crisp salute Thompson excuses himself. So much was running through his mind at the moment that he nearly got lost on his way back to the hangar but finally found the bird. Knocking and presenting the challenge pass phrase to get in he awaited his partner's response of opening the hatch and letting him in. Much to brief her on with little time to do so he thought.

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