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no, right now our characters are talking to a masked wizard who just popped up out of no where and he said that we are needed else where, probably to join the other group, we are waiting for your characters response to him so we can continue. I am from group 2 just so you know.

I'm with CG ... Kr'lunk is waiting on the dragon to grant him a flight since he saved everyone's life ... it's only fair after all

Sorry had a convention this weekend up here in canada... back to business shall we

@Dredge - I'm a little lost, I thought you wanted to approve my submission before I started posting. Should I have already been doing so? You had mentioned it would be in group 1, but I didn't read anything with a go-ahead. Sounds like things are getting sorted out, figured I'd better ask before more time passed.

Start postin

I'm guessing this is dragon fear being eminated from the drake ??

If not, I'll amend Kr'lunk's reaction to it.

it is a fear aura yes ;p


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