Misc Questions

Well this is a shame if the Two people who have re-confirmed still want to play i will re-open the game to have new people join.... In one day as to give a another chance as i want this game to thrive.

I really liked the premise of this game and would love for it to work. So I'm all for trying to move forward.

@ Dredge Any chance you could move / archive the old game threads ??

Also, could you rename Group 1, Try 2 and Group 2, Try 2 to something easier for the players ??

The Busty Wench Inn and The Wizard's Tower (or something ???) -- or make the threads private to the players in them ??

Oh, and could you move the narratives to the main thread ??

If you need a hand doing this stuff, just give me a yell as I'm forever rearranging my game threads

... or not

*Face palm* How many people picked dark red as their colors in our group?! I might have to go back and revise, it's confusing as heck seeing three people using it.

Yeah, it is pretty strange. I mainly kept it from the first thread, but I don't know.

I made my color dark red in my writing sample for Jax before seeing anyone else use it. I'm trying to decide what else would fit him. I went with that for eye color. His hair is black and black's usually generic NPC color so... ugh.

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