A Whole New World (Group 1)

A man walked into the the group, what looked like a man at least. He bore a mask featureless and colorless, his robes were a very dark blue trimmed with gold. He walked as though his feet weren't quite on the ground, an almost hovering like effect.He silently nodded to a few other caster looking folk and they silently bowed forward, he approached Nuxokog, "I advise you not to go to the mountains.... take my word that all that is there for you is death. You need to stay here, care for your people, there you will not survive." A worm fell from a sleeve in his robe and burrowed in the ground. He was almost inpossible to read, even his tone was neutral, his stance unmoving.

He looked back at some of the wizard folk and they nodded as some of them started to cast spells which helped the movers work faster or lift more things. Some pick pocket looking fellows seem to back away, this guy must be something special, but what you don't know.

Nuxokog paused. "Thank you, Stranger," he commented. Is this our host? Or...

"Our kind do best in mountains, but if you are sure... My only concern is that if we remain here, it might put a strain on race relations in the budding town."

The trip across Dimensions had been fun, but it didn't last all too long, which was a shame. She also lost several coins seeing whether she should listen to this man or not, but she decided, one of the first actual decisions she made, she would just follow along for the rest of the ride.

When she landed, though, she was fascinated by the world around her. Hearing the various things being said, she threw herself up a coin. If it became heads, (1) she'd build her own house, if it became tails, (2), she'd help build the large one.
Dice Roll: 1d2z
d2 Results: 2

"Well, it appears you guys are going to get some help from me." said the gnome, who looked odd for sure, with her Green and Purple hair, in bright colours, even, and a red and hazel eye. She picked up some of the stuff, and started heading for the site where they wanted to build it.

Craft (
Dice Roll: 1d20+5
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 10)

"All the help we can get is much appreciated, little lady. The Name is Griffard", the younger of the burly, smith looking men says to the gnome. (Griffard is very heavily muscled, with a short, brown beard. Put a hammer in his hand, and he would look every bit like a blacksmith, though he might have to trade in the chain shirt.)

"Unless your kind can live alongside chromatic dragons harmoniously, then I don't advise the mountains. As well no I am not your host, I have come to make sure things are going well. My master is curious about the dealings of its inhabitants, but I assure you that I mean to ill will or intent. For your race problems most, and I mean most people came for a new start and are adventurers so seeing you is nothing. Others are peasants that will run at the first sign of anything scary. Regardless though I can help with knowledge but for now build, I will sit and wait for night fall." He 'walked' or what looked like a mimicry of it. He began to take a seat as the earth beneath him rose to meet him and he sat with comfort.

The strix looked curiously at the crazy gnome, but shrugged. "If that's Ok with you?" he said, in his native language, to his Shaman; then, the group moved to help the others in the construction. Occasionally, the winged humanoids rubbed their eyes, as though unused to being awake by day, but the light did not seem to bother any of them particularly.

As Nuxokog began working with the others it became apparent that he had a long, black tentacle, in addition to his other limbs. It only seemed to help him in his work, though, as he could hold a plank in place with two limbs, yet still hammer with his third.

Griffard eyes the mysterious casters, not exactly
Dice Roll: 1d20+11
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 15)
trusting them, but doesn't move against them.
(This is a sense motive)

As he works, Griffard attempts to get to know a few people from each group,
Dice Roll: 1d20+10
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 25)
guaging who might be the most useful to act as guards, at least for a few nights, and who should be watched closely, especially groups who don't like each other. A few members of both qualifications, he would like to
Dice Roll: 1d20+10
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 16)
suggest a position as lookout during the nights, including Nuxokog.

Nuxokog nods to Griffard. "My people have no problem seeing at night, and most of us are actually used to it; we tend to spend more of our time flying in the darkness. Which is probably why so many people think we are demons," he shrugs. "Helping look out at night would be right up our alley. As would farming, hunting, and most other day-to-day activities, actually."

"That is actually very helpful, but I don't want to ask for help from too many people from one group. I figure things will ease if multiple groups work on a common goal, in relative equality", Griffard explains to the winged humanoid. "Besides, you seem to be the most trustworthy individual so far, aside from the blacksmith who started the construction effort. And there are people I'm recruiting to see if they are as dangerous as they seem. Having you overhead to see them would be greatly beneficial. But before you accept, you need to know some o your group might be included in the watch list, not meaning any offense."

(Bluff to conceal the conversation from outside listening (without a code)
Dice Roll: 1d20+10
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 20)

The strix shrugs. "We're used to suspicion. Whether you said it or not, I can pretty much assure you a lot of people around here were thinking it. And there are bound to be misunderstandings from time to time; but hopefully, no full-blown riots, lynchings, or wars."


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