A Whole New World (Group 1)

Nuxokog, for his part, narrowed his eyes at the assault, but did not interfere; his hands simply twitched, as though he wanted to do something, but something held him back. I cannot afford to have my people seen as violent. Let them handle it, for now. Perhaps she has some personal issue with the knight, from whatever world the two are from...

"I have some rations, you are welcome to share, Friend Griffard," the dark-winged man said, solemnly. "Although I hope there is sufficient game around for us to hunt, at least until we can get some crops started..." he continued, uncertainly.

"Does anyone have seed? What do people grow, on the plains? I don't know that the food we grew in the mountains of my homeland will serve, here."

"Thank you, Nuxokog, for the offer. I'm sure some of the farmers-by-trade brought some seed, but it had skipped my mind. Starting tomorrow, we may need to set up hunting and foraging groups, given this circumstance. If the head man hasn't brought it up before now, that is."

The small gnome looked at the man, and at first seemed unphased by it. Slowly she pulled a coin out of her pocket and flipped it. When it landed, she looked at it.

And she started screaming. Screaming, running around, hands above her head.


"Now what?", Griffard grunts out as he turns to the gnome, instinctively drawing a dagger from a sheath, and taking a defensive stance.

Nuxokog looks at the gnome sadly. "She seems tainted. Touched? Simple?" he pauses. "I am not certain what the word in Common is. She appears to be one who flies in circles, and runs into trees, in our language."

The strix sighs, once again sadly. "Let us hope it is a temporary effect of passing through the portal. But someone should probably take her weapons, and restrain her, until she is well again."

"She hit me, so now she is afraid. I do that sometimes. I apologize." He bowed a little.

The flying alchemist nods, seriously. "Good; then she is not insane. How long does your reflexive fear response last? Because although I don't know what you did to her in your home realm, she seemed upset with you, and I doubt this will improve her mood much."

"I don't know, it's instinct really. I don't even know i do it....." he shrugs slightly.

Nuxokog nods, thoughtfully. "Sounds... Useful. Does anyone know how long the days are, here? Or the weather? It might be good to finish this house as quickly as possible. My people can work on the roof, if we can get the walls up..." he offers, stretching his wings out to reinforce the statement.


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