A Fresh Start (Group 2)


"I hope I get a chance to show you his light and valor, may the Holy One be with you!" His enthusiasm was quite apparent.

Kobad was going to respond but waited and when Jacob left to go build he followed and picked up some would. Some small chattering and hushed muttering was exchanged before a large gaggle of people started picking up supplies, moving wood, digging, etc.

As a crowd starts to gather together to work, Jacob begins to search for those who are skilled at building. He knows that they need to have some organization to this or they will have buildings haphazardly spread all across the place, many may not be fit to live in.

During this process, he also notices the absence of Micheal and G'olga.

Many look like middle aged carpenters, well seasoned and been doing it since they were little lads. A large group of them are working on one house, they seem to be very organized and have a very well structured looking foundation already down. From what you can tell it will be maybe three stories tall and, kinda taverny.

With the construction moving along well, no thanks to his carpentry skills, Jacob looks to see if he can find where Micheal and G'Olga have gotten to.


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