A Fresh Start (Group 2)


Jacob thought about trying to find his partner, but decided instead to plan for some security. After all, not everyone who escapes their old world is doing it for a peaceful life - some could be looking for new victims.

As people continue to work on the buildings, Jacob mingles through, talking to those that appear to have some fighting ability. The idea is to find half a dozen who are capable and willing to help keep everyone secure. Not only that, but find people who he feels like he can trust.

You easy find some people who look very cleric like, Paladin like and very just good and wanting to protect others. They all are easily approachable and go on and on about protecting those that need it and stopping evil forces from hurting those of good.

Jacob will organize some security for the growing village. Picking a handful of trustworthy warrior types, he will work out a schedule of watches, mostly for the night watches. With no overt threats so far, they can help out during the daylight hours and still be prepared to help defend should the need arise.

Jacob also finds a few ranger types and convinces them to scout for food and fresh water. With all this work going on, the people will need food soon, and water even sooner.

With Micheal no where in site, concern is beginning to grow in Jacob's gut. Perhaps he should not have gone off with that half-orc witch.


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