A Fresh Start (Group 2)


G’Olga arrived back at camp to see most of the group was busy constructing shelters from the building materials. She was followed by 3 ponies which looked like they were made of the forest itself; their forms were constructed of leaves, earth, vise and bark. They snorted and whined as they left the woods, clearly upset at the amount of people in the clearing. 5 deer corpses were carried between them on their backs. The witch dismissed the elemental creatures and they sunk back into the ground, leaving the venison behind. G’Olga grunted as she picked up one of the deer for herself, draping it across her shoulders and whistled to the others, gesturing for them to take and share the deer for tonight’s supper. G’Olga then went to find Jacob to see if Michael had come back to camp.

Seeing the rogue, G’Olga approached him with a wave. “Hey Jacob, what did I miss around here? Your friend Michael didn’t come back, did he? He disappeared during the hunt and I haven’t seen him since.”

As G'Olga approached, Jacob kept hand off his short sword, but it took some effort. As much as he wanted to start a new life here, his old ways were not easily left behind.

"Building is going well...we have some guys to help protect the...village, if you want to call it that." Jacob answered. When she mentioned that Michael had disappeared, his look remained stern, but the questions in his head were almost audible. But after a short moment, Jacob nodded.

"He's probably just trying to get out of having to work is all," Jacob said, maybe not as convincing as he'd like to have been.

Realizing for the first time since he'd arrived just how hungry he had become, Jacob gestured at the carcass G'Olga carried and added, "I'll bet you've got an ancient family recipe for making venison stew."

“Actually,” Started G’Olga, tossing the carcass on the ground; “It’s not ancient or family, just my own. I’ve never cooked for anyone but myself. Gather some wood for a fire while I gut this thing.” She took out her dagger and began cleaning the deer.

Jacob looked down at the short sword at his waist, then at the trees. "It'll take more than a short sword for that, unless there's some dead wood lying around."

Whether he picks up dead wood, has to borrow and axe, or finds someone to help chop wood, Jacob get's a pile of firewood and a fire pit prepared to cook with.

“Hey, if you need an axe I’ll trade you for your sword.” Offered G’Olga, handing the large, fetish covered axe to him. “I could use it to cut this thing up faster than with this knife.” Whether Jacob gave her the blade or not, G’Olga went to work cleaning the carcass. She also sent Snipe to keep an eye out for him, just in case he was attacked in the woods the bird would fly back and warn her.

Jacob looked oddly at the half-orc. 'Give up my sword?' he thought. But it made sense, and he was trying to embrace this new life...

"Sure" he said as they traded tools and each went to work on their respective tasks.

Thanitos comes over as you are preparing food, his face full of light and happiness. "Hello friends how are you tonight? Can I offer up my services to aid in preparing this meal?" Smiling from ear to ear.


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