Richards Thoughts

Notes so far
"While inside, you should take it upon yourself to destroy any demons, devils and undead that you come across. There is a specific item located in the dungeon that will help you in this task. It should be well hidden, but it was used by the creators of this dungeon to keep the undead housed there at bay. The item is called the Soul Sword. Find it and use this powerful greatsword against the undead inside. Then escape the dungeon and bring it to me so that I can bestow the object upon a champion of my cause."

"There is a second item in this dungeon that must never leave. The powerful artifact is tome called The Book of Vile Darkness. It can warp and pervert any who try to wield it's power... or even carry it for too long. Find this book and insure that it stays in the dungeon or gets destroyed. The Cat Lord has convinced some of the others to find artifacts for her and get them outside of the dungeon for her to control. She is a selfish goddess, but this item WILL change that. Should she get it, she will become a powerful force for evil... she thinks she can bend it to her will, but she's the one who will bend... and then break. Do not let that book get into her hands... or the hands of anyone else for that matter."

"Take these crystal keys." says Snap-On, cutting off Zhong Kui. He hands the keys to the shivering man whose clothes have already frozen. "They will let you access the shop again later. Use them in any door, but you only get two. Once you use them they are gone forever."