General OOC

I also was enjoying / enjoyed it. But if its feeling 'forced' for you as the storyteller... well we don't pay you enough if you're not enjoying it. :-)

I appreciate your work. It was an interesting concept. Major kudos to some great thinking and such from Izzy/Gamer Gig. I was at a loss for 'how to'

Take care all. And happy future gaming.

just let me know if your going to run another game Zelkon. I would enjoy you gming for me again

I really couldn't justify taking your or my time to continue this because I just couldn't bring myself to have fun with it. You all have been wonderful, and I hope to game with you again. If you want to see if you can survive the dragon, I'd be happy to continue the fight.

Eh... Such is life.

If it's not fun, best end it sooner than later - in my experience, trying to push things longer just leads to burning out entirely on gaming.


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