Chapter 1: The Movement

Chapter 1: The Movement

You wake up tired in an inexpensive inn. Your stomach rumbles; you haven't had a good meal for days. The only thing that keeps well enough to take on your travels is tasteless bread. But you know you have a purpose. A flyer is slipped under your door while you are getting ready. It reads as such: "CALLING ALL BOLD ADVENTURERS! The
Each nation chooses a representative for the council.
council of 12 needs your assistance! Try your luck in the Great Tournament and become rich and famous beyond your wildest dreams. Save the kingdoms and be recognized as the greatest hero in all the lands!" Below is information of the location of this "Grand Tournament." They seem to be being held at four locations, the closest of which is a week's wagon ride away from where you are. You set off with a group of other heroes the next day, in a caravan jointly chartered just for this purpose. There are six
All of you plus a halfling with intricate tattoos and a tall half-orc with a dog sitting next to him.
others. You get to know each other quite well over the next couple of days, pooling gold and sharing rooms (save for a couple of you...). When you finally reach the designated area, you are greeted by a large structure, shaped like half an egg planted into the ground. A guard at the gates takes your names and gives you sequential
You guys are 24-29 alphabetically. Your two companions happen to be right before and right after you alphabetically.
numbers. He informs you that there is a feast in the lower chambers, which you all partake in. There are 12 people who arrive after you, leaving the total number of contestants at 42. Finally, you are all called to order in the center of the building. The center of the building is actualy an
A la the Coliseum in Rome, but bigger.
arena. A grand balcony extends from the sheer walls about 50 feet up. A group of 12 people emerge onto the balcony and call your attention use a sound enhancing spell. "Ladies, Gentlemen, Heroes. I am sure you are all aware, at least vaguely, why we called you here. The kingdoms face a threat like no other before: a rebellion against our ideals themselves. They want to create a 13th kingdom!" gasps emit from the crowd. 12 is a sacred number. "We have decided to send the best and the brightest of you to fight this threat to our very existence. We have created a few tests, of course, to decide who to send. You will be divided into groups of seven, which you may choose jointly. Then, we will put you up against a series of tests."

Cade likes the group of six others he has traveled with and come to know to some extent. They may not mix completely socially, but they seem to have a good variety of talents, skills, and abilities for what may be a diverse series of tests. He begins to talk amonst the group. Encouraging them to stick together as a group for the tests.

Standing in the center of an arena full of all those people was starting to make Akarin feel rather uncomfortable. Instead of speaking, he simply listened, but his eyes kept bouncing around from the group of people he had traveled with to the masses that surrounded them. When Cade suggested that they stick together, all Akarin could do was nod, even though he wasn't quite sure what he was agreeing to.

If he had been allowed, his horse Gailen would be with him in the arena.

Izzy had spent much of the wagon ride poking and preening her pistol. When asked about it, she has jokingly called it 'Thirteen' due to its rather conspicuous habit of fouling up when anyone fails to treat it with due respect.

In the arena, she's strangely piqued at the prospect of this grand melee, but at the same time, realizes the math is against her. 10 bullets. 35 opponents.

Thirteen spins on Izzy's finger, and finally comes to a stop pointing out into the crowd.

"We have a plan?"

Despite having mostly befriended these folk on the trip here, she realizes she knows very little of their capabilities. Big sword, big beastie. Rock hard fists, and small - but dangerous? - sword. Tattoos and a dog. Weapons, certainly, but how do these men look to use them?

Using her pistol as a sight, Izzy scans the crowd of would-be world saviors, wondering who're the biggest threats, and who the easiest targets.

OOCDoes it matter which number we have? Should we figure out our alphabetically order? Is Izzy listed as Isobel Rumushkel or Rumsoaked Izzy?

Hrmm... tried the sheetroll tag, but it didn't seem to work. Just running a Perception check there:
Dice Roll: 1d20+6z
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 12)

Cade answers (hushed, just for the group) - "For a plan. Well, if they start a melee. How about let's move to an edge of the arena as soon as we can, rather than the center. I can hold a front with my longspear and greatsword. I believe we have some shooters to shoot out from a front wall if others can create one with me. Otherwise, let's see what the tests are."

Alcaris kept to himself for most of the trip, and meditated when he could. When spoken to he answered with the bare minimum. He believed it was best to keep most information to himself.

Upon getting to the inside of the arena the monk bowed to the representative of his Kingdom. He had seen the man before as he was held in high regard in his kingdom. Before the melee starts Alcaris sits and prays to his lord quietly; he would not lose this day. When Cade suggested an alliance Alcaris nodded his head.

When the woman he knew as Izzy spoke he responded simply, "Yeah. Don't get killed." He said while grinning behind his mask.

He had yet to praise his lord this trip and now would be his chance as he gets ready mentally by preparing himself to spill blood.

OOCI'll take a perception test as well so I can see if I notice anything particularly dangerous about the opponents or anything else really that stands out.
Dice Roll: 1d20+3
d20 Results: 13 (Total = 16)

"What's a melee?" Akarin finally asked quietly, having no clue of what they were speaking of. Melee was a word he thought meant combat with weapons or fists, but they seemed to be using the word as if it meant something entirely different.

Glancing around the arena, he then realized that everyone seemed outfitted for combat. 'We're not going to fight one another, are we?' he silently thought to himself. The idea was preposterous. They were looking for people to adventure in their name, and that didn't mean crippling them first... did it?

Cade looks around, then quietly to Akarin - "A Melee would be if they have us all fight each other all at the same time. They may save something like that for last. If we are to truly partake in a 'series of tests'."

Daniel kept quiet as the others spoke of strategy for the arena. This kind of mission wasn't one he was used to doing by did so at the behest of his... boss for a lack of a better term. The guise of an adventurer was one Daniel easily fit into but working as a group still took a bit to get used to. Finally, he decided to speak. "All I can say is we have to be prepared for every eventuality. You never know what they would throw at us in this tournament, sirrah."

"'Don't get killed'?" Izzy smiles mischieviously at Alcaris. "That gonna be our battle-cry?"

Still, she was glad of sobering second thoughts of the others. Holding off on a grand melee would be a plus.


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