Chapter 1: The Movement


The seven kobolds prepare themselves for combat upon seeing you enter into fighting stances. One of them steps out, clearly the leader, and yells a loud cry that seems to mean "Attack," seeing as that's what the kobold begin to do.

Daniel was the first to act, moving past his companions and towards the kobolds. He kept his short sword on hand to sneak a stab at one of the small reptilian creatures. Daniel takes a jab at the nearest one, but just barely misses him, even though the kobold reacted slowly.

Ragok and his dog spring at the nearest kobold. Rogok whirls around, using his Gladius and Longsword as double threat to his enemy.
"I assume this is supposed to be hard?" he yells as he slices through two different kobolds at once. He yells at his dog to attack, but the kobold viciously defends himself after seeing what the ranger did to his companions and manages to only take a bite to his side.

The kobolds screech in fear as their allies go down. Their leader turns to Ragok and snarls. He grabs one of his companions and runs at the large ranger, dragging the other kobold in tow. He stays a few feat away and throws a dagger, and commands his ally to rush Ragok. However, Ragok swiftly dodges the dagger and twists so that his armor covers the area the kobold minion was aiming for. Sure enough, both attacks prove futile.

Alcaris was next to act, and moves towards to the Kobold leader, attacking him with a flurry of blows in order to stop his assault on Ragok. Alcaris' dexterous opponent dodges his assault which makes him question his own skill temporarily.

Izzy squints.

A bully. A kobold, and a bully. While she has no sympathy for the wretch little creature, there is some empathy for its situation - before she matured, Izzy was put upon by several other kids for being adopted, and then when rumors of her true parentage began to spread...

"Yeah... fight your own battles, you scalawag."

The tip of her pistol drops into a line with the kobold leader, and Rumsoaked Izzy gently squeezes the trigger.

Dice Roll: 1d20+5z
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 19)
Ranged attack (19), Point blank, vs touch AC (but not a touch attack - firearms, it's what's for dinner!). If hit,
Dice Roll: 1d8+1z
d8 Results: 8 (Total = 9)
Damage (9)

Cade moves ahead to reinforce his allies and attacks using the reach of his longspear.
Dice Roll: 1d20+5
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 23)
Furiously Focused attack
Dice Roll: 1d8+9
d8 Results: 4 (Total = 13)
Power Attack damage

"What a shame I couldn't kill the fool myself." says Jack as he flicks his wirst at one of the few remaining kobolds, causing the kobold's head to jolt back suddenly, giving him a concussion. "That should do it."

Two of the remaining kobolds rush Cade, intending to kill the one who took their leader, while the other, rushes to help the other kobold already involved with Ragok. He again in an attempt to wound the great Half-Orc. The one dazed by Jack simply moans with his hands against his head, fighting against unconsciousness. Cade has no trouble blocking, his armor absorbing the blows. Ragok, however takes a hit to the legs.

Akarin's grip on the quarterstaff loosened slightly as a calm suddenly passed through him. Lifting it before him, he allowed the divine power of nature to pass through him as he wove his hands over the wooden object. Nothing really changed about the object, except for the first few seconds that it began to glitter, but then it returned to normal. A few paces away from him, he could sense Gailen starting to panic, rear back and nae very loudly. Akarin reached up and snapped his fingers, instantly the horse quieted. He then thrust his hand forward, pointing at one of the kobolds. Almost instantly, the horse charged after the kobold he had been pointing at and attempted to bite it.

Daniel gave a nod towards Cade, appreciating the fighter's backup. Seeing that both him and Cade were flanking a kobold, Daniel thrusted his short sword at the small creature, using the fighter's presence to help land his blow upon it.


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