Chapter 1: The Movement

Ragok turns to his opponents and whirls around, blades extended. However, the kobolds have wizened to his dual-blade attack sequences and quickly jump out of the way. Ragok orders his dog to leap at the nearest kobold before he can recover, and the dog leaps at the kobold, catching an exposed part of the already wounded reptilian, killing him.

Alcaris sees that after the death of the kobold leader, that his help is needed elsewhere. He charges into the side of the kobold that Cade was fighting and takes advantage of the situation. Landing a kick on the side of the Kobolds face Alcaris feels himself a little redeemed after his terrible fighting from before.

Witnessing the flurry of her allies' assault on the still dazed kobolds, Izzy feels safe enough to take a moment to reload her pistol, all while keeping a wary eye on the developing skirmish.

With his allies dropping kobolds quickly, Cade looks for a target for his longspear...
If there's any left. If not take a breath and clean weapon.
Dice Roll: 1d20+5
d20 Results: 8 (Total = 13)
Dice Roll: 1d8+9
d8 Results: 3 (Total = 12)

Jack attempts to prevent the kobold from recovering, holding his hand in the same position and clenching his fist tighter. The kobold fails to overcome Jack's will and a sickening gargle slithers up from his windpipe.

The last remaining goblin realizes he has no chance at survival and raise his hands in defeat. Jack releases his hold on the other goblin, who drops to the ground.

Cade motions for the surrendered kobold to go back the way it came in. He doubts mercy will be shown to it, but he'd rather not skewer the critter with it's hands up. He will certainly not allow it or any of the others behind him. From his time in the city watch he's heard of things feining death to stab a guardsman in the back later. He steps back some and cleans off his spear.

With an eye still on the kobold, he also tosses one of his 4 shoulder belts of 6 darts to Daniel. "Here. Keep it. You are way better with these than I will ever be. Just shout if you want any of these other three. Same for any of you. You all seem more nimble and clever than myself. Well done on those. Though, just a warm-up of sorts I imagine they were. I wonder if any of the other groups took serious injuries. I assume they faced the same or similar..." He trails off, wondering what challenge will be next.

Alcaris turns to see that Cade allowed the Kobold's their lives and only anger came to him. "Would it not be far more merciful to put these useless critters out of their misery before they are fed to the dogs?" Alcaris said loud enough so that the Kobolds could hear him. He had not quite had his fill of destruction, but he would not contest with his allies on the matter. Seeing some doubt amoung the group he speaks again in his rough voice, "Think about it, a far more worse fate awaits them then a quick death from your spear, or my fist."

Looking down at his wrapped feet he can see that the kobold's blood stained the bottom of his bandaged feet, Pity he thought. He would have to clean it later in a river.

Kyras listens consideringly. And glances up to the arena 'organizers' who do not strike him as merciful or perhaps even just ... he gives a slight nod - "Very likely true. Go ahead then." And turns away to demonstrate to Daniel and anyone else interested, the way the darts are held up in the belt and the quickest way to pull them out. Though it is likely obvious.

Akarin looked around to see that they were no longer in any danger. He then curled his tongue slightly and pressed it so that it was almost completely against the back of his teeth with just enough room to allow a small amount of air through then blew through the hole. It made a very quiet high-pitched whistling sound that only lasted for a short second. As he waited for the response, he gazed down at his staff and thought silently to himself, What a waste. His eyes lifted from the staff again, looking to see if there was anything else to fight. Gailen then tromped over to his side and stood calmly, awaiting its next order.

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