Chapter 1: The Movement

As the remaining kobolds are slaughtered, their corpses melt into the ground. What was that about? Were they even real?
"Remember, contestants, this contest is timed!" booms the voice from before.

Wait? Melted?

Izzy pauses to reflect on the ramifications.

"Spare no thought for the wretches lives then. Figments, conjurations, or whatever - they're little more the automatons made flesh." Izzy isn't giving them much thought anyway, but it did speak to the morals of those designing the tests.

Alcaris sighs to himself; the little degenerate creatures were not even real. "Keep your guard up, I'm sure we may eventually get in a real fight soon enough." he said while anticipating the next trial.

Watching as the figures melted into the ground, Akarin wondered what the point was with these "tests" if they weren't even fighting real creatures. Revealing prowess against figments of someone's imagination made little sense to him. Remaining silent, he looked around to see what the next objective would be.

As she finishes reloading her pistol, Izzy's wary eye settles on the door whence came the kobolds.

"That probably doesn't lead to the neighboring area..."

The gunslinger holds her pistol at the ready, and makes her way over to the iron door. Crouching beside the kobold-sized opening, she leads with her pistol as she ducks her head in to take a peek.

Dice Roll: 1d20+6z
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 17)
Perception, looking around (17)

"Perhaps we are supposed to advance..."
Cade follows Izzy to the door, longspear in hand, and carefully looks out and around.

Alcaris shrugs, and follows up behind Cade, "what do you see in there?" he asks while trying to see over the man.

Daniel takes the darts from Cade and gives him a nod of gratitude. Looking at the surviving kobold and hearing the announcement, he let out a sigh of annoyance. "Lovely. The event is timed." After that small sarcastic remark, he followed Cade and Izzy inside. "Allow me to go first. If there is a surprise ahead, I am the least likely to be seen nor heard." Passing by the two, Daniel walked quickly and carefully, making sure not to make a sound and sticking to the shadows. He kept his eyes open for anything ahead.

The inside of the next room is a fancily adorned room, with a hand-crafted rug, plush chairs, an endtable, and other elegant furnishings. That's when you see it: a deep red splotch beneath the chair nearest to you.

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