Cafe Alpha

Sorry for the delay. I was kidnapped by an elite team of commie mutant commandos. I was force to rescue myself when my own troubleshooters failed to rescue me. Your treason has been noted.

My apologies, oh great UV. The same group of commies also kidnapped me (though elite commandos were not required for someone of my level. Instead it was a troop of boy scouts armed with song books). My failure to rescue myself so I could rescue you is inexcusable, though I can report that no scouts survived my escape.

There must be some commie conspiracy, for I was forced by them yesterday to perform against my will an exam on the history of sector ARG! Not to worry, I failed that exam -- on purpose!

Oh! Oh! I got my name day-cycle last week, and scored lots of things, such as a 5 liter steel barrel of "beer", all the way from the GER sector!

What is this steel Be-ar you speak of?! Are we being invaded by commie controlled bots?!

Battle stations! BATTLE STATIONS I SAY!!!

We shall invade GER Sector and leave no survivors!

How many credits does the card have? Or do we assume it has enough for the suggested items?

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