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You have to assume there is enough for the suggested items! Trust in the Computer!

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Basil nods curtly and retrieves his equipment using the credit card.
"Team, follow my example and let's get going."
I thought that our noble team-leader has already retrieved all of our assigned equipment. Is that correct?

I did not make that table for nothing. You need to tell me which buttons/items you are getting. No one has anything yet.

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The briefing completed the Troubleshooters are ushered through a door marked 'Outfitting'. Once through the door the Troubleshooters are left alone and the door locks behind them. There is another door on the other side of the room. The outfitting department appears to be a large vending machine. There’s a post-it note on the front. ‘Sorry, had 2 go. Mission credits on card. Buy A1, B2, C3and D4.’ There is, indeed, a credit card stuck to the note.
Mission gear.


*nothing to see here, moving along.

I thought we had just enough cash t obuy what the clone suggested. That's why I didn't specify
Now I'm confused, how am I supposed to know how many items we can get?

What is with all the confusion?! I see three possible reasons. 1) The Computer is wrong. 2)I am wrong or 3) Your all filthy commie mutant scum!

Personally I think it's 3.

But that's just me.

I will update todaycycle.

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