Cafe Alpha

Wow, the first IC post is so compelling, I want to confess before I even look at my character sheet!

Happy as ever to play with you guys. What is "play"? It's something fun! Fun is mandatory!
I do lack time to create a clone. Could I humbly ask to be relieved of such duty?

Added a map to the first post.
Edit: Forgot to add the chairs.

I have added Intole-R-ANT to the game.

Check the clone out, oh glorious Stormcracker and let me know if he doesn't meet your approval. All that is to be done is the ticks.

Everyone starts out with 25 PP. Sroske and Drunva add ten for your two tics. Sroske add another 2 for being the first to post IC.

I don't see this mission going on for more then a few weeks. The reward and promotion will carry over to the next game (if you choose to play).


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