Cafe Alpha

Was that last statement just for fun, or the Friend Computer? I confess confusion!! lol

Are you saying that I posted something unclear? Are you saying that I, the almighty ULTRA-VIOLET, did something to cause confusion! I have risen through the ranks starting out as a lowly IR. Then advancing through the clearance levels faster then any clone before! Friend Computer itself saw the great leadership potential in me and great leaders do not cause confusion.

Fact one: FC always speaks in Fixedsys font and in bold.

Fact two: The narrator always writes in regular unbolded font.

Gunther is clearly answering the voices in his own head.

The anticipation must be getting to him. All hail the Computer and the glorious UVs who serve in glory! Go bears!

I only confess my tiny brain too small to fully comprehend your glorious UV gloriousness!

I should have never used this image. The whole raw looking meat in a can is seriously repulsive! And Sroske keeps having Gunther eat the damn things!

Anyway sorry for not posting to much this weekcycle. Communist mutants sabotaged my deck. I had to call the Happy Fun Insurance Company and now it's finally getting repaired.

I don't know about the rest of you, but this being stuck in one room thing sucks. It is to restricting on what all of us can do. It is also taking longer then I thought. I thought we would be done by now. That being said, the traitor will soon be identified!

I will now be accepting any last minute bribes. I will now be accepting donations to the Stormcracker Charity Fund.

I love the female citizens from Southern Alpha! There is something in your clone vats! The Computer as saw fit to assign me a
'special' female from the
COL Sector. All I have to say is...I approve.

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