Destine Mars PC

Destine Mars
"Doubt my sword but not my magic."

Race: Human
Age: 18
Blood Type: A
Job: Soteph Cadet
Origin: Soteph Institute
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Yellow
Weapons: Scimitars

Stats: Level 1 EXP 0
HP: 230/230 MP: 85/85 DEF: -24M.DEF: -32
STR 2 (D20) [+20 Damage]
AGI 3 (D12)[+30 Ranged Damage]
VIT 2 (D20) [+20 HP/LEVEL, DEFENSE 14]
INT 5 (D8)
MAG 6 (D6) [+60 Magic Damage, +20 MP/LEVEL]
SPI 6 (D6) [M.DEFENSE 22]
PER 3 (D12)
LUCK 2 (D20) [Critical x2]

Limit Break
Limit Break I: Tip the Scales
Destine swings his sword wide, proceeding to run his hand along the curve of the blade. Thrusting his hand forward the air begins to warp between him and his foes. Energy spirals from his enemy to him and Destine is healed equal to half the difference between his enemy’s HP and his own, and recovers MP equal to half the difference between his and his enemy’s MP. His Enemy takes HP and MP damage of the same amount.

HP Level: 71

Blade: Mage Masher, 18 Damage (Attack=38) [Spell Command: Silence]
Grants Shell
Stardust Sheath
Pommel: Basic Pommel

Slot 1: Institute Vest [+15 HP, DEF 10 M.DEF 10]
Slot 2: Librascope

Arms Magic
Increase M.DEF by 60
Shell (10 MP) [Equipped] -Learned
Inflict Silence on one target.
Silence (10 MP) [Equipped] -Learned
Deals Fire Elemental damage 40 + 60 = 100
Fire (10 MP) [Equipped] -Learned


Libra- Learned NO

[spoiler=Personality]Destine was raised to always lend a hand, or advice as the case may be. Despite having a difficult time acclimating to new folks, when Destine is comfortable he’s quite conversational--even chatty. To the annoyance of a great many potential friend at Soteph Institute, however, Destine can often find himself giving unwanted advice. This usually translates to a simple “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” but sometimes takes a more specific turn. Although he’s wary of getting into trouble or attempting overtly dangerous acts, Destine has a bright outlook on life and a determination to finally let loose--something his parents never taught him./spoiler]