The Tavern

Yeah, Gwen is pretty much a straight-up "mage" type Druid, I really can't see any big benefit to spears.

Still, at least Totems will be something different. Meh.

I guess it was a typo. I see that I have an ability for +2 AC but it's against AoO, maybe it got mixed in somehow. Thanks for pointing that out.

dag, nothing I can use for my own rogue then, that kind of thing is easy to do, looks like the warlord might have done it too.

Sorry folks, Thanksgiving weekend is keeping me busier than I thought it would. Back up to speed Monday evening likely.

Originally Posted by Celtic Guardian 7 View Post
No prob.

If Mage Hand is limited to 5 squares, I don't think it could cross a 100 foot wide ravine?
What makes you think it's limited to 5 squares?
It has a range of five, and once summoned you can use a move action to move it five squares, moving it 100' would just take two move actions.

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