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Fun story... I picked all of these rituals for Gwen, built her up nicely, then realized that when I switched from the regular Druid to the Protector Druid, she no longer gained Ritual Casting automatically.

Debating now how to work that, since I don't really wanna give up anything for Arcana or Religion... I think she could still use the rituals gained by feats ("You can use X ritual once per day without using spell components") for her freebie 1/day. I'm worried that having rituals on this could be more useful than that, though.

EDIT: After much hemming and hawing, I traded Perception for Arcana and postponed taking Mother's Bloom so that I could take the Ritual Caster feat. At least now we'll have access to many more rituals, though I may start her off with only Nature rituals.

EDIT #2: Man, do I love the Compendium... there are a pair of feats, Learned Spellcaster and Divine Secretkeeper, that a) grant ritual casting, b) train the character in a ritual skill (Arcane, Divine or Nature) and c) give them the ritual casting of a Wizard or an Invoker, including a ritual book and two free rituals. Much more efficient. While Arcana rituals are typically a lot more useful, I think I have to go with Divine, as it fits Gwen a lot better. (Her father is a priest, after all, albeit an extremely unconventional priest.) Will try to have this updated tomorrow.

EDIT #3: ...or I fall short of the Int requirement. Ugh. Will sleep on it.

So... I think I've gotten Willem's sheet done; he should be listed in my user name dropdown.

In short - sword and board Tactical Warlord multiclassed in Fighter (via feats). Gives out lots of attacks, and tries to take the hits for his allies.

I have Baggrin built. I just need to work up a sheet. He is going to be a super sticky dwarf.

I did take a background (Farmer: +2 Endurance), but if you'd rather not use them ComicsFan, it's not exactly mechanically critical to Willem.

I've finished building Gwen. She's a Protector Druid, which gives up Wild Shaping for summoning, and is generally much more of a pure Controller than the default Druid. (She's multiclassed Invoker, but this was mainly to get ritual casting, I don't expect to make much of it.) My plan is to try and use her very wind-based powers to keep our enemies next to our two Defenders, as well as general enemy controlling. Also, since our Leader is more of a buffer/tactics guy than a healing guy, I'm also dipping into some healing-based abilities, like the Faith Healing utility power. I might focus myself more on this if we end up having a huge need.

I don't suspect you'll need to dip too much into healing - we've got two warlords on tap, so even if neither of us goes full healer, there's still a fair number of inspiring words to be spoke.

Whose our other Warlord? From my understanding, we have:
Phuse - Dwarf Warden (Defender)
eBursch - Deva Swordmage (Defender)
Celtic Guardian 7 - Human Rogue (Striker)
Little_Rudo - Half-Elf Druid (Controller)
Gamer Gig - Human Warlord (Leader)

I believe Celtic was originally going to play a Tiefling Warlord, but she changed her character.

My Tiefling Warlord is no longer viable because A: We have a warlord and B: The other game I was in with ComicsFan was closed down before I could do much with my rogue, thus I moved him over here.


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